Design management

Philippa Ashton
Mechanisms for learning in uk design consultancies Building a world class design industry through the development of people

Paola Bertola
Luisa Collina
Paolo Ciuccarelli
Perla Innocenti

Design networks and knowledge management for supporting small and medium enterprises. Cases from Italy

João Branco
Conceição Lopes
Rachel Cooper

From authorship to co-authorship in design: reinforcing dynamic competitiveness in companies and organisations

Margaret Bruce
Lucy Daly

The supply chain as a resource for innovation

Rachel Cooper
David Hands
Andrew Wootton
Margaret Bruce
Lucy Daly
Richelle Harun

Machiavelli and Innovation: The Politics of Design?

Özlem Er
Arif Özver Ergin

What makes smes in newly industrialized countries innovate?: a case study of a medium-sized manufacturing company from turkey

Josiena Gotzsch
Managing Product Charisma

Larry Matthews
Lattétude¨ (latté + latitude + attitude)

Jason Pemberton-Billing
Rachel Cooper
Andrew B. Wootton
Andrew N.W. North

Distributed Design Teams as Communities of Practice

Alison Prendiville
The Symbiotic Relationship of Design History and Business Studies within Product Design Teaching

Paul A. Rodgers
Megan Strickfaden

The culture of design: a critical analysis of contemporary designersŐ identities

Karen Webster
Product as hero