Still Rethinking Design

Alessandro Biamonti
Design & Focus

Andrea Botero Cabrera
Kari-Hans Kommonen
Iina Oilinki

Maria Koskijoki

Co-Designing Visions, Uses, and Applications

Luigi Brenna
Cultural Design as an instrument to improve local territories

HŒkan Edeholt
Jonas Löwgren

Industrial design in a post-industrial society- a framework for
understanding the relationship between industrial design and
interaction design

Teresa Franqueira
Carlos Aguiar and
Paulo Tavares de Castro

Hippocrates or Hypocrisy?

Cristiaan de Groot
Alex Milton

Design Quest / Design Consciousness: real-time enquiry

Virpi Haavisto
CreatorÕs Wisdom - Emotional Knowledge of Artistically
Creative Professionals in Work

Daria Loi
Shared work environments as ecologies:
New ways of working and designing

Maria Cecilia Loschiavo dos Santos
Maristela Mitsuko Ono

Design wisdom: beyond the frontiers of reductionist discourses

Patrick Maguire
Not For Trade - The Discourse of Design in British Industry

Roxana Meygide
Design as discursive space

Bilge Mutlu
Alpay Er

Design Innovation: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives on
Product Innovation by Design

Keith Robertson
Sh*t Design An exploration of the aesthetic in graphic design