Design for people in need

Multi-lingual Design for a Global Culture

Manuel Bañó Hernández
Marusela Granell Campderà
Gabriel Martínez Rico

Design for the real world: Sustainable design and fair trade

Beppe Benenti
Design for All. Historical roots

Dirk Bogaert
Mai Felip

Design for the World

Graphic Design for Social Causes

Rachel Cooper
David Hands
Andrew Wootton

Machiavelli and Innovation: The Politics of Design?

Paul Micklethwaite
Design means diferent things to diferent people

Ng Chee Koon
Krishnapillai Ananda Sivam

Design of mobility attachment

Rosan Chow
Kindess - a purpose of design Design for the world Graphic Design for Social Causes

Gary Gowans
Jim Campbell
Arlene Astell
Maggie Ellis
Norman Alm
Richard Dye

Designing CIRCA