The users centred approach

Rosa Alice Branco
Marco Ginoulhiac
Vasco Branco

Interaction as a figure of excess

Paola Cabrera Viancha
Artisan communities: A role for Designers in the stimulation of creative processes for the sustainability of knowledge and identity. Experience in Colombia

Marco Ginoulhiac
Rosa Alice Branco
Vasco Branco

Person-centered design: um meta-modelo comunicacional para avaliação de artefactos digitais interactivos

Sara Ilstedt Hjelm
The dysfunctionality of everyday things -on stress, design and artefacts

Tore Kristensen
Kjell Grønhaug

Designing Total User Experiences: design, value creation and physical space

Francesc Marcé i Puig
Designing the stress

Nicola Morelli
Design for Social Responsibility and Market Oriented Design: Convergences and Divergences

Janet Shipton
The Spontaneous Re-use of Packaging: Designing for Creative Consumption and Dispossession

Bo Westerlund
Sinna Lindquist,
Wendy E. Mackay
Yngve Sundblad

Co-design methods for designing with and for families