Design aesthetics: die frage über technik

Krishnapillai Anandasivam
The euclidian bias

Riitta Brusila
Graphic design and the aesthetics of user interfaces

Anna Croon Fors
Erik Stolterman

Everyday Aesthetics and Design of Information Technology

Tom Fisher
What we Touch Touches Us: Materials, Affects and Affordances

Ulla Johansson
Kaj Sköldberg
Lisbeth Svengren

Industrial design as a balancing artistry: Some reflections upon industrial designer's competence

Kristina Niedderer
The Performative Object: Enacting the Humane Dimension within Design

Fátima Pombo
Memory and Technique, the plot of Design

Bill Stewart
Design as an agent for change in a consumer society

Anne Tomes
Peter Armstrong

Dialectics of design: how ideas of 'good design' changeby

Susann Vihma
On actual semantic and aesthetic interaction with design objects