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ESRU – Presentation

The European Social Research Unit (ESRU) is dedicated to developing applied and academic social research in the areas of social identity, vulnerability, and resilience, focusing on gender, age (young people) and migration studies, at a comparative transnational level. The research adopts an essentially ethnographic (multi-sited) approach, reconciling the in-depth conceptual debate with a pragmatic analytical framework. It has an international reputation for research work and a sound network of institutional partners.

Alongside ESRU Director, Dr. Olga Jubany, the unit's staff members are experts on qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, and each investigation is conducted by a team of specialists in the field, reinforced by the contributions of regular collaborators. The ESRU counts on the excellent management and dissemination mechanisms of the University of Barcelona, the only Spanish university ranked in the top 200 by the Academia Ranking of World Universities. It is part of the Department of Social Anthropology.

Main lines of research and debate include:


  • Inequalities: gender, origin, age

  • Identity and diversity

  • Social cohesion and discrimination

  • Resilience

Gender studies

  • Equality: labour market, housing, education

  • Intersectionality: gender, origin, age

  • LGBT

  • Contemporary conceptualisations on gender debates

Migration Studies

  • Migration and the labour market

  • Gender and migration

  • Admission and integration policies

Labour Market Structures and Trends

  • Social dialogue and industrial relations

  • Management of cultural diversity

  • Intergenerational dynamics in the labour market

Community dynamics

  • Community networks and sustainable environment

  • Social housing

  • Urban structures and social inequalities