Ana Varela Rey

Ana Varela Rey is PhD candidate in the Department of Social Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, at the University of Barcelona. She is member of Research Group “Invictus” and lectures Fanaticism and Violence, and Legal Psychology at the undergraduate Degree in Criminology in the Faculty of Law at the University of Barcelona. Her research deals with the discourses of violence legitimation and political behaviour, mainly concerning terrorism, political violence, social identity and social influence. She has also been visiting researcher at The Centre for Citizenship, Identity and Governance (CCIG) in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Open University, United Kingdom. E-mail:


Selected publications


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Varela-Rey, A., Rodríguez-Carballeira, A., & Martín-Peña, J. (2013): Psychosocial analysis of ETA’s violence discourse. Revista de Psicología Social. 28 (1), 85-97.

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Martín-Peña, J., Escartín J., Porrúa, Varela-Rey, A., & Saldaña, O. (2012): La violencia de persecución aplicada por el entramado de ETA: Un análisis de las estrategias de violencia psicológica. En Expósito, F. (Ed) Identidad y Violencia. Oviedo: Sociedad Española de Psicología Judicial y Forense–Colección Psicología y Ley