Juana Gómez Benito

Juana Gómez Benito is lead researcher for the Research Group on Measurement Invariance and Analysis of Change. She is Professor in the Department of Behavioural Sciences Methodology at the University of Barcelona, where she has completed six officially approved six-year research periods and seven officially approved five-year teaching periods. In addition to her teaching responsibilities in the field of psychometrics she has conducted extensive research in areas such as the validity of measurement instruments, differential item functioning, structural equation modelling and transcultural studies. This work has involved various settings within the social and health contexts, and has seen her lead twenty competitive R+D+I projects. She is currently principal investigator of the project entitled ‘Comprehensive assessment of functioning in schizophrenia’, which is funded by MCOC. She also sits on the Steering Committee of the Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour (IR3C) and is a member of the Working Party on Cognitive Function in Schizophrenia. E-mail: juanagomez@ub.edu


Selected publications


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