Seminari d'Estudis i Recerques Prehistòriques (SERP)
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Informació acadèmica :
  • Ph.D. in Archaeology and Prehistory (2008). Universitat de Barcelona (Spain).  Mention of European Doctor. Directors: J.M. Fullola and J.J. Fornós.
  • D.E.A. (2003). Departament de Prehistòria, Història Antiga i Arqueologia de la Universitat de Barcelona.
  • History graduate (2001). Universitat de Barcelona

línies de recerca:
  • My main research interest lies in the study of the Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer groups and in describing the ecological context in which our ancestors, primarily Neanderthals, survived in the highly seasonal climates of the Pleistocene. As such, I have developed four principal research lines: Neanderthal remains, Paleolithic hunter-gatherer groups behavior, climate conditions during the Middle-Upper Pleistocene and understanding the relationship between humans and other members of their ecological communities. This research has been facilitated by fieldwork undertaken at various sites occupied in the Iberian Peninsula”

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