Monday 5th

11.00-11.30  Registration

11.30-11.45  Opening

11.45-13.00 Claire Voisin: Segre numbers of tautological bundles on Hilbert schemes


15.00-16.00 Martí Lahoz: Hyperkaehler manifolds as moduli spaces on non-commutative K3 surfaces.

16.00-16.30 Coffee-break

16.30-17.30 Rita Pardini: Fundamental groups of Gorenstein stable Godeaux surfaces

Tuesday 6th

09.30-10.30 Michela Artebani: Families of Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces of toric varieties

10.30-11.00 Coffee-break

11.00-12.00 Sebastian Casalaina-Martin: Algebraic representatives and intermediate Jacobians over perfect fields

12.10-13.10 Gavril Farkas: Fundamental groups, Alexander invariants and syzygies of canonical curves


15.00-16.00 Francesco Bastianelli: Large theta-characteristics and applications

16.00-16.30 Coffee-break

16.30-17.30 Fabrizio Catanese: Canonical surfaces of high degree and small codimension

Wednesday 7th

09.30-10.30 Alessandro Ghigi: Some differential-geometric aspects of the Torelli map

10.30-11.00 Coffee-break

11.00-12.00 Yongnam Lee: On function fields of a very general hypersurface sections of Fano 3-folds and their double covers

12.10-13.10 Robert Lazarsfeld: A theorem of Ran and measures of irrationality

Free afternoon

8.30 Social dinner

Thursday 8th

09.30-10.30 Víctor González Alonso: On the unitary rank of fibred surfaces

10.30-11.00 Coffee-break

11.00-12.00 Stefan Schreieder: Stably irrational hypersurfaces of small slopes

12.10-13.10 Ciro Ciliberto: Curves on general hypersurfaces in projective space


15.00-16.00 Christian Liedtke: A Néron-Ogg-Shafarevich criterion for K3 Surfaces

16.00-16.30 Coffee-break

16.30-17.30 Lucia Caporaso: Recursive properties of moduli spaces

Friday 9th

09.30-10.30 Zhi Jiang: The decomposition formula in generic vanishing and its geometric applications

10.30-11.00 Coffee-break

11.00-12.00 Gerard van der Geer: Algebraic curves and modular forms of low degree

12.10-13.10 Alessandro Verra: K3 surfaces and moduli of étale cyclic covers of curves