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Admission to UB courses
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Depending on your previous studies, you can either continue with the same course at the UB or begin a new one.


imatge How to access: imatge Undergraduate course (first and second cycle):

Admission to EHEA bachelor's degree courses:

  • University entrance examination for school leavers who have completed upper secondary school (PAU)
  • University entrance examination for students over 25 years of age (MG25)
  • University entrance examination for students over 45 years of age (MG45)
  • Admission for students over 40 years of age via the accreditation of professional experience (MG40)
  • Admisssion for students who are holders of higher/vocational training certificates (CFGS)
  • Admission for students who have begun Spanish university studies
  • Admission with foreign qualifications


   fletxa Bachelor's degrees
 fletxa Diploma (1st cycle)
 fletxa Engineering Diploma
 fletxa Graduate Diploma ( UB endorsed)
 fletxa Degree (2nd cycle)
 fletxa Engineering Degree
 fletxa Graduate Degree (UB endorsed)


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