Master's degree courses enrolment fees (academic year 2019-2020)

Increase in fees

Increase in fees for enrolment in the same credit for the second or third time or beyond

The Catalan Generalitat's Decree on fees sets the rates for increases in fees payable for official degree programs in which students wish to re-enrol in the same credit.


Fees for graduate students

The decree on fees for public education passed by the Generalitat establishes a series of surcharges for students already in possession of one or more official university qualifications or who have completed their course of study and meet the requirements for issue of the qualification, and who wish to enrol on a new course of study leading to the award of an official university qualification, with the exception of students who are enrolling for the first time on a university master's degree or an official doctoral program. The University of Barcelona applies the conditions, surcharges and exemptions outlined in this decree to all enrolment fees for official courses of study.


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Payment procedures

Any enrolment application which has not been totally paid for by the end of the period outlined by the UB will be declared null and void, and students who fail to pay enrolment or one instalment of the enrolment fee within the period or periods determined by the UB will forego their student's rights as detailed in Article 32 of the Enrolment regulations .


The banks collaborating with the UB are the Banco Santander, Catalunya Caixa and La Caixa.


Students will need to follow one of the payment procedures outlined below.


1. Single payment in cash

The student pays the total sum of the enrolment fee in one cash payment in compliance with the deadlines and conditions outlined in the form provided by the Secretary's Office at the centre where he or she enrols (seven calendar days —including both working and non-working days— counting from the date on which enrolment is formalized). The student must keep his or her copy of the receipt of payment for the duration of the period of enrolment.


his payment procedure will be mandatory for students in the following circumstances:


  1. Those students who have in some way changed their enrolment procedure and must therefore begin payment again.
  2. Those students who have chosen to pay enrolment in eleven instalments via a bank loan but who have not submitted, within a period of two days following enrolment, the papers authorising their bank loan.
  3. Those students who have not made the payment in compliance with the conditions and within the period established by other payment procedures outlined in these regulations.
  4. Those students who have chosen to apply as large family member applicants who have not presented the relevant papers before December 31, 2019.

Following this payment procedure, the student can choose one of the following options:


  • An over the counter cash payment made at any branch of one of the banks collaborating with the UB.
  • An ATM cash payment with a validation code —CPR— or bar code (only for online enrolment).
  • An online bank payment with a bank-assigned personal user's code using one of the following electronic banking facilities:
    • Línia Oberta (La Caixa)
    • Banca Online (Catalunya Caixa)
    • Supernet (Banco Santander)


2. Direct debit single payment

This can only be paid through one of the UB collaborating banks and must be paid within seven days of the application.

In the moment when completing the application, the applicant must present the original and one copy of the first page of his or her savings bank book or the copy of the cheque if the student is in possession of a current account.

As the repercussions of non-payment outlined in Article 33 in the Enrolment regulations make clear, it shall be the student's responsibility to verify that the account to which the charge is made is fully operable, that the bank has been authorized to make this direct debit payment for the academic year in question and that the bank has effected the payment. In such cases where a direct debit payment is to be made from an account of which the student is not the official holder, the student must authorise the payment of the receipt of enrolment to his or her bank account.


3. Payment in cash in instalments

This option is available to students who the total enrolment fees payable must be equal to or greater than 300 euros.

The student must take responsibility for the payment of the two instalments. Students failing to do so shall be subject to the legislation outlined in Article 33 of the enrolment regulations. Students may not apply for the refund of instalments already paid.


Consult information on deadlines for this payment procedure (in Catalan)


4. Monthly instalment loan (PFM) with the Agency for the Administration of University and Research Grants (AGAUR)

The Catalan Institute for Finances and the Generalitat have established an agreement with the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) to facilitate the enrolment procedure for university students.


Consult information about rrequirements and loan conditions (in Spanish)


For further information, consult the pages at


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Economic repercussions of outstanding payment of fees

Payment in full is essential for enrolment to be considered valid. For applicants who choose to pay in instalments, payment in full is understood as the entire payment of each of these instalments including the last instalment.


The University reserves the right to immediately withdraw student rights in all those situations where a student fails to pay enrolment or any part of any instalment, and to suspend these rights, if it deems fit, for the period of the academic year.


The temporary suspension of rights will end when the student pays the University in a single cash payment the total figure of his or her outstanding payments as well as a percentage of the total cost of unpaid instalments excluding non-academic services to cover the expenses required in the administration of outstanding payment.

The surcharge for fees paid late will be 5 % of the total cost of fees if payment is made within the two months following the deadline date for fee payment, and will increase by a further 5 % for every month or fraction in which payment remains outstanding, to a maximum figure of a 50% increase in the original cost of the fees. The month of August shall not be counted in periods considered to be outstanding.


Any modification to an enrolment or any cancellation of an enrolment may only be made when the fees or fractions payable for that enrolment have been made.

Should the student's payment remain outstanding beyond the end of the academic year, the UB reserves the right to cancel the student's enrolment definitively. This cancellation will leave null and void all academic qualifications the student may have been awarded during that study period.


Without altering the conditions set out in the paragraph above, when and where a student has outstanding payments to make on fees from previous academic years in official degree courses, the University can demand that the student simultaneously pays all these fees, from all the different degree courses, before he or she can enrol in any further degree course or receive any kind of academic certificate. In the case of the outstanding payment of fees from previous academic years in UB-specific first- and second-stage llicenciatura degree courses, the student will be required to pay the outstanding fees for each degree course separately.


Payment of enrolment once the academic year has finished only covers those subjects recorded before the cancellation of enrolment.


Important: The student is responsible for attending to outstanding payments, without any previous requirement.


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Changing and cancelling enrolment

1. Changing enrolment

Within the deadlines annually established by each UB centre, students may apply to cancel a subject, replace it with another or add a new subject to the list of subjects they have chosen. At the same time they will need to complete any payment procedure that is necessary for the change they wish to make, either paying for a new subject or, in the case of the cancellation or the addition of a subject, either paying or being refunded the difference of the total fees.

Once this period has finished, students will be able to apply for the cancellation of a subject or the addition of a new subject according to the individual calendar established for the academic year for each of the degree courses offered at the UB. In all cases, they will also need to have paid for their enrolment before requesting any change and this change will be recorded in a new payment procedure that will replace or complement their original payment of enrolment.  Students will then need to pay the fees for the new subject or subjects they wish to do but will not be eligible for the refund of any fees paid for subjects that they wish to cancel or modify. The student will be required to pay the administrative fee required for the modifications to their academic transcript as these are stipulated in the Generalitat of Catalonia’s Decree on fees regarding partial modification in enrolment procedures.

Once the seven-day period following the formalization of enrolment has passed, the deadlines for applying for changes in the list of subject’s the student has enrolled in will be the following:


  • First-semester and annual enrolment: until 31 October 2019
  • Second-semester enrolment and enrolment for second-semester subjects in July/September: until 6 March 2020

In the case of those degree courses that are organized annually and that allow for students to request the addition of new subjects in the second semester, students shall be required to pay the administrative overhead as this is stipulated in the Generalitat of Catalonia’s Decree on fees.


Any cancellation of enrolment must fully observe the current legislation on continuance.


If a student is obliged to make a new payment to the University as the result of a modification in his or her enrolment, this payment shall be made in full and in cash within seven calendar days of the date of the modification.


2. Cancelling the enrolment

Within the time deadlines established by the University of Barcelona, students may apply for the total cancellation of the enrolment in the following circumstances:


  1. a) Cancellation due to illness, duly certified. The student shall be entitled to a refund of the fees for the credits in which they have enrolled. A first-year student cancelling enrolment because of a serious illness may apply for the reservation of his or her place in the course of studies and will not need to repeat the pre-enrolment procedure.
  2. c) Cancellation for personal reasons. The student will need to have paid the fee for enrolment in order to apply for cancellation. The student will not be entitled to any kind of refund, and the cancellation shall be authorized by the dean of faculty or centre director. When and where the student has formalized his or her enrolment as a general grant holder and mobility student, it shall be necessary for him or her first to pay the fees for enrolment and then to apply for the cancellation of the grant.

Enrolment that has been totally cancelled shall have no financial repercussions on the student’s academic record and shall have only those academic effects established by the regulations on continuance as these apply to students terminating studies before the studies have been completed.

In all cases, the deadline for applying for the cancellation of enrolment shall be:


  • First-semester and annual enrolment: until 31 October 2019
  • Second-semester enrolment: since 1 february until 6 March 2020

3. Cancellation in serious and exceptional cases

In serious an exceptional cases or in applications made outside the deadlines established by the University but deemed justifiable, and by recommendation of the dean of faculty or centre director in the university centre where the program is to be studied, the Rector or Rector's delegate may accept the application to cancel.


The student needs to have paid the fees for enrolment before applying to cancel this outside the deadlines established by the University of Barcelona, and the University will not consider the applications of students not meeting this requirement.

Any cancellation of enrolment must fully observe the current legislation on continuance.


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