GOING HORIZONTAL: Creating a non-hierarchical organization, one practice at a time


A new horizontal paradigm is coming. Highly effective individuals and organizations around the world are finding in non-hierarchical models and practices the key to effectively operate in complexity. There is no need to wait for permission from hierarchy to start practicing non-hierarchical ways.

Do yoy want to learn the 7 key practices of personal leadership and non-hierarchical mindset needed to step into the future of work and organizations, beyond he widespread command-and-control?

Three key elements that makes this workshop unique:

  1. Outstanding international facilitators with real case studies and cutting edge tools and embodied practice.

  2. A totally personalized and practical approach to the participant needs and contexts.

  3. In connection with a world-wide community of practitioners, consultants and clients that are Going Horizontal.

Durada 35 hores
Dates De l'11 al 14 d'octubre de 2018

El dia 11 d'octubre de 17.00 a 20.00 hores.

Els dies 12, 13 i 14 d'octubre de 9.00 a  14.00 i de 15.30 a 20.30 hores


Can Bordoi, Llinars del Vallès

Preu 850 EUR

Del 30 de juliol al 17 de setembre de 2018, mitjançant aquesta adreça: http://www.ub.edu/insact/alumnes/inici.php?idioma=2&id=0b5bb66bb7e8c897d8f5