Complaints management service with responsive web

TítolComplaints management service with responsive web
Tipus de publicacióThesis
Year of Publication2015
AutorsCarmona S, Ribera M
UniversityUniversitat de Barcelona
Paraules clauclaims, computer software, customer services, online databases, TF, TFG, web site design

The Project called “Complaints management Service with a responsive web” is a web application specially designed for the management and evaluation of complaints proposed by citizens. The main function of the web application is to provide citizens a fast, suitable, indicative and easy tool to send their complaints. Our specialized team will manage the complaints and make them available to the rest of citizens who want to contribute to their resolution. In order to perform our objective, we have proposed the creation of an start-up as we want to create a new company based on an innovative idea and looking for complicated processes to be easier. In the short term, the idea of this project is to create a small community which responds to the complaints of citizens. This community will consist on citizens who want to contribute to the resolution of complaints, but also on a team of professionals who would be responsible to provide verified information to the user for the resolution of his complaint or to deal with it according to the user’s requirements. At the beginning of the process, a responsible person is needed for the maintenance of the web application. In the long term, if a complaint is processed formally, we will need some lawyers to carry out the complaint according to the procedures established by law. This personalized management will have a cost for the citizen as our specialized team will have to make the necessary arrangements to get this complaint solved as soon as possible, fulfilling our purpose of helping citizens in solving their problem. The web application has been developed with the aim of providing citizens with the possibility to make a complaint from anywhere, making it adaptable to the type of device they use and to enhance the experience from devices such as notebooks, tablets or smartphones. In this document, the design, analysis, planning and architecture process of the web application is detailed.


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