DOI: The "Big Brother" in the dissemination of scientific documentation

TítolDOI: The "Big Brother" in the dissemination of scientific documentation
Tipus de publicacióMagazine Article
Year of Publication2006
AutorsTérmens M
MagazineInternational Microbiology
Paraules claudigital object identifiers, electronic documents, science and technical information

Rapid growth in the availability and use of digital documents has prompted the development of instruments to handle them. A most important example of these instruments are digital identifiers, which provide a codification system that allows digital items, usually up to the level of a computer file, to be singled out and located. Digital identifiers make up standardized global systems applied to specific products or areas. They are part of the very many identifiers developed to handle large numbers of items and large amounts of information for transactional purposes, which often have a global span. Digital identifiers include the ubiquitous Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), a code that unequivocally identifies trade items all around the world. The GTIN can take on several configurations depending on its application. These include: EAN-13, EAN-8, EAN-14, and UCC-12. EAN-13 is the code used for retail products in order to facilitate trade at the point of sale; its widely known symbol or graphical form is the EAN/UPC-13 bar code..


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