Joc seriós per a l'ensenyament de fonaments d'informàtica

TítolJoc seriós per a l'ensenyament de fonaments d'informàtica
Tipus de publicacióThesis
Year of Publication2014
AutorsGómez D, Rodriguez I
DegreeEnginyeria informàtica
UniversityUniversitat de Barcelona
Paraules claucomputer software, TF, TFG, video games design, web based instruction

Throughout my life, games and video games have been very important to me. However, during the last few years they have lost some of their appeal as entertainment, awakening in me a new interest, their development and creation. This project has allowed me to dive into this fascinating world, new to me, about game design and production. The project was chosen from among a range of different possibilities, as the most creative, innovative and exciting. The goal was to create a game beyond pure entertainment, focused also in pedagogical objectives, a serious game. The main objective is to design a useful tool to support the university students without technological studies, while providing a more attractive and enriching experience. The game focuses on the interaction between the player, doing the student role, and a professor of computer science. The student must answer some questions proposed by the teacher, all related to a computer located in the virtual space, game scenario and the professor's office. For every correct answer, the player receives a number of points that update the score. When the level ends, the result is stored and displayed in a leaderboard with all the records from the other users registered in the application. Along this project I have develop different but interrelated roles such as game designer, graphic artist, sound designer, and game tester. The core software used has been a powerful game engine: Unity. To achieve the desired result, with this software, it has been necessary to learn and use multiple programs: SketchUp, Blender, DAZ3D Studio, Photoshop, eSpeak, Audacity and XAMPP. The project might look like an "artisan" work, manual activity that begins with a number of raw materials and knowledge, in order to obtain a unique product different from any other.


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