What is AECHE ?

Lorem ipsumThe Arab-Euro Conference on Higher Education brings together the Association of Arab Universities (AARU) and the European University Association (EUA) and their respective members. The aim of the Conference is to open a sustainable process of dialogue, mutual understanding, to exchange knowledge and to increase cooperation between Arab and European Universities. Two conferences have already been held: the first AECHE meeting took place at the University of Barcelona and the Second at the Princess Sumaya University of Technology in Amman. Last October 2015, a thematic conference taking place at the TU Berlin campus El Gouna, Egypt, was the most recent AECHE event.


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    The third AECHE Edition concludes with more than 200 participants from 43 different countries

    The third edition for the Arab-Euro conference on Higher Education (AECHE), 25-27 May 2016, has strengthened the dialogue of higher education between the Arab and European countries, apart from spreading it into other regions with which there are also conflicts in common, such as Latin America. In AECHE’s closing ceremony, the 4th edition of the conferences has been announced to be held in April 2017 in the Mohammed V University of Rabat, and the main focus to be analysed will be cooperation in research of strategy areas.

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    3rd Arab-Euro Conference on Higher Education

    We are proud to announce the 3rd AECHE: Opportunities and Challenges for Arab and European universities in fulfilling their societal mission, hosted by the University of Barcelona from 25 to 27 May 2016. The Registration period begins on March 7th and ends on May 2nd.

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    Big Data and Smart City Conference, MEC Oman, 15-16 March 2016

    Since 2015 the AECHE platform has been consolidating a platform in Oman in order to outreach the GCC countries. The Arab University Association, the University of Barcelona and the Middle East College of Oman have been working together in close collaboration with the Omani authorities to include Omani institutions to the AECHE activities. As part of the cooperation activities, the University of Barcelona and the Middle East College are co-organising the 2016 edition of the “Big Data and Smart City Conference” hosted by the Middle East College the next 15-16th March. The conference will count with world class key note speakers from Barcelona, Europe and the GCC countries and will represent the first step on consolidating the AECHE process in the region. Nicolás Patrici and Jaume Fortuny –UB AECHE Secretariat- will participate in the final panel “Towards a Research Agenda on Big Data and Smart Cities”

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    The University of Barcelona presents some measures to support Syrian refugees

    The University of Barcelona (UB) has set up a refugee support programme that includes some measures to help those fleeing from Syria's brutal civil war. The University estimates that the programme can take in one hundred refugees, help them to settle in Catalonia and enable them to continue their university studies in Barcelona

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    AECHE Thematic Conference in El Gouna

    We are proud to announce the AECHE thematic Conference: The networked university: Opportunities and challenges for higher education between the Arab world and Europe, which will be taking place in El Gouna next 9-11 October 2015.

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    An-Najah National University

    On 25-26 March 2015 a delegation of the An-Najah National University visited the Universitat de Barcelona in the framework of the MoU signed during the First AECHE that took place in Barcelona in 2013.  The delegation met the Dean of the Faculty of Geography and History, Dr Xavier Roigé, as well as Archaeology and Tourism professors. The delegation also visited the CETT (Tourism & Hospitality Education Center, UB Affiliated Centre) where both parts have decided to sign a Student Exchange agreement.

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    46th General Assembly of AARU

    Ramon Torrent and Nicolás Patrici have participated in the 46th General Assembly of AARU representing the AECHE Secretariat and the University of Barcelona. Professor Torrent had the chance to present the last AECHE activities and to invite all the participants to the 3rd AECHE conference that will take place at the UB next May 2016. In the framework of the meeting, Professor Torrent and Nicolás Patrici had the chance, together with Sultan Abu-Orabi, to talk and discuss further cooperation with Indian institutions and regional governments of the Republic of India.
    Moreover, on Friday 27th, Nicolás Patrici, together with The Secretary General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Lebanon had the chance to present and discuss AECHE activities and different cooperation arrangement with a delegation of the Middle College of Oman.

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    Adoption of the 2014 European Neighbourhood Reports

    In a set of annual reports adopted today, the European Commission and the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy assessed the implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) with the 16 partner countries in the East and the South and made recommendations for the year ahead. 2014 saw the signing of association agreements with Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, democratic transition in Tunisia and strengthened relations with Morocco. Nevertheless, conflicts and crises, involving security and humanitarian problems, persisted in both the East and South, especially in the form of terrorist threats and attacks. Significant support was mobilised by the EU to help Lebanon and Jordan cope with the increasing effects of the Syria crisis. A technical briefing off-the-record (for accredited journalists only) is taking place at 13:00 CET in the press room of the Commission's Berlaymont building. A press release is available online. (for more information: Maja Kocijancic—Tel.: +32 2 298 65 70; Anca Paduraru, +32 2 296 64 30)

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    Roundtable meeting on Employability, 22 February, Middle East College, Oman

    The Middle East College (MEC) in collaboration with the University of Barcelona as well as other partner institutions organize a stakeholders’ meeting on employability. Improving outcomes in this area is a high priority not only for Higher Education Institutions but also industry, government and society as a whole. The event aims to help build a common platform and a collaborative partnership for higher education institutions, employers and key stakeholders to address the joint challenge of bridging between higher education and the work place. Advances in technology, globalization and organizational changes are in the process of transforming the entire landscape surrounding these issues.

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    Visit of a delegation of the Middle East College at INEF Catalonia

    On February 3th, in the framework of INEFC Global institutional project, a delegation of the Middle East College of Oman, formed by Mr. Lefeer Muhamed, Managing Director; Dr. Kiran G.R., Deputy Dean; Dr. Nagesh Poojary, Head, Research & Innovation Center; Mr. Sanjar Mohammed A.B., Academic Coordinator, and Mr. Majid Al Balushi, Events Coordinator, with Ms. Carme García, as representative of Barcelona University (UB). During the visit, in addition to see the INEFC Barcelona facilities, the delegation met with Mr. Agustí Boixeda, INEFC Director; Dr. Domingo Blázquez, INEFC Global director, and Dr. Unai Sáez de Ocáriz, INEFC Global coordinator, in order to carry out training activities and to sign a collaboration agreement between Middle East College and INEFC

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    The University of Barcelona will be hosting on 19-21 January 2015 the first round of trainings related to the implementation of the ECTS and the Bologna Process to representatives of Moroccan Universities and of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

    Addressed to Universities’ Vice Presidents, Directors of Department and Heads of Divisions, this three-day gathering is organised in the framework of the TEMPUS project CREMAR - Mise en place du Système de Crédits dans l'Enseignement Supérieur au Maroc. The administrative, organisational, and teaching experience will be shared by the UB high level administrative staff who took part to the transitional period and implemented the ECTS system at all university levels.



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