What is AECHE ?

Lorem ipsumThe Arab-Euro Conference on Higher Education brings together the Association of Arab Universities (AARU) and the European University Association (EUA) and their respective members. The aim of the Conference is to open a sustainable process of dialogue, mutual understanding, to exchange knowledge and to increase cooperation between Arab and European Universities. Two conferences have already been held: the first AECHE meeting took place at the University of Barcelona and the Second at the Princess Sumaya University of Technology in Amman. Last October 2015, a thematic conference taking place at the TU Berlin campus El Gouna, Egypt, was the most recent AECHE event.


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    Final conference of the MIMI project in Amman

    On Tuesday October 11, a delegation of the University of Barcelona participated in the Princess Sumaya University for Technology in Amman (Jordan) in the final conference of the MIMI project, which, in the Arab-European Conference on Higher Education (AECHE), aims to improve internationalization strategies and to establish cooperation bridges between Europe and the partners from the South Mediterranean. The delegation was built by the General Secretary, Isabel Miralles, the AECHE III Commissioner, Carina Rey, and the Director of the project, Zeineb Mazouz.

    The MIMI project is coordinated by the UB and is integrated by the universities of Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Poland, France, the Netherlands and Spain.

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    The third AECHE Edition concludes with more than 200 participants from 43 different countries

    The third edition of the Arab-Euro conference on Higher Education (AECHE), that took place in Barcelona the past 25-27 May, has strengthened and extended the dialogue between higher education institution from Europe and the Arab world. The conference, also, was an opportunity to promote inter-regional dialogue with other regions of the world, such as Latin America. Latin America, Europe and the Arab world share common challenges , and AECHE was a good forum to express the different perspective from where each region is looking at those challenges.

    During the AECHE’s closing ceremony, the 4th edition of the conferences was announced . AECHE 4 will take place in Morocco at Mohammed V University of Rabat, in April 2017. AECHE 4 will focus on the different aspects of EURO-ARAB cooperation in strategic research areas.

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    3rd Arab-Euro Conference on Higher Education

    We are proud to announce the 3rd AECHE: Opportunities and Challenges for Arab and European universities in fulfilling their societal mission, hosted by the University of Barcelona from 25 to 27 May 2016. The Registration period begins on March 7th and ends on May 2nd.

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    Big Data and Smart City Conference, MEC Oman, 15-16 March 2016

    Since 2015 the AECHE platform has been consolidating a platform in Oman in order to outreach the GCC countries. The Arab University Association, the University of Barcelona and the Middle East College of Oman have been working together in close collaboration with the Omani authorities to include Omani institutions to the AECHE activities. As part of the cooperation activities, the University of Barcelona and the Middle East College are co-organising the 2016 edition of the “Big Data and Smart City Conference” hosted by the Middle East College the next 15-16th March. The conference will count with world class key note speakers from Barcelona, Europe and the GCC countries and will represent the first step on consolidating the AECHE process in the region. Nicolás Patrici and Jaume Fortuny –UB AECHE Secretariat- will participate in the final panel “Towards a Research Agenda on Big Data and Smart Cities”

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    The University of Barcelona presents some measures to support Syrian refugees

    The University of Barcelona (UB) has set up a refugee support programme that includes some measures to help those fleeing from Syria's brutal civil war. The University estimates that the programme can take in one hundred refugees, help them to settle in Catalonia and enable them to continue their university studies in Barcelona

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    AECHE Thematic Conference in El Gouna

    We are proud to announce the AECHE thematic Conference: The networked university: Opportunities and challenges for higher education between the Arab world and Europe, which will be taking place in El Gouna next 9-11 October 2015.

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