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Cristina Domenech Orti
  • Orcid 0000-0003-1958-4280
  • Categoria Contractat
  • Departament Departament de Mineralogia, Petrologia i Geologia Aplicada
  • Facultat Facultat de Ciències de la Terra

Publicacions en revistes de Cristina Domenech Orti (58)

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Rojo, I.; Clarens, F.; De Pablo, J.; Domènech, C.; Duro, L.; Grivé, M.; Arcos, D. (2014)

Quantification Of Pyrrhotiye O2 Consumption By Using Pyrite Oxidation Kinetic Data

MRS Proceedings
1665, pp. 93 - 101
Margalef-Martí, R.; Carrey, R.; Otero, N.; Domenech, C.; Soler, A. (2017)

Nitrate and Nitrite Attenuation by Fe(II) Minerals: Biotic and Abiotic Reactions

MACLA. Revista de la Sociedad Española de Mineralogía
22, pp. 85 - 86
Domènech, C.; Galí, S.; Ancco, M.P.; Villanova-de-Benavent, C.; Soler, J.M.; Meléndez, W.; Rondón, J.; Proenza, J.A. (2018)

Geology, geochemistry and mineralogy of the Loma de Hierro Ni-laterite deposit, Venezuela

MACLA. Revista de la Sociedad Española de Mineralogía
Rodríguez-Fernández, D.; Torrentó, C.; Palau, J.; Marchesi, M.; Soler, A.; Hunkeler, D.; Domènech, C.; Rosell, M. (2018)

Unravelling long-term source removal effects and chlorinated methanes natural attenuation processes by C and Cl stable isotopic patterns at a complex field site

Science of the Total Environment
645, pp. 286 - 296
Navarro-Ciurana, D.; Soler i Gil, A.; Martínez-Bofill, J.; Domènech, C.; Otero, N.; Tauler, E.; Ruiz, A.; Ibarbia, I.; Navarro, J.A. (2017)

A classification of weak rocks for their use in road embankments

MACLA. Revista de la Sociedad Española de Mineralogía
22, pp. 91 - 92
Proenza, J.A.; García-Casco, A.; González-Jiménez, J.M.; Farré-de-Pablo, J.; Pujol-Solà, N.; Aiglsperger, T.; Torró, L.; Villanova-de-Benavent, C.; Butjosa, L.; Melgarejo, J.C.; Galí, S.; Domínguez-Carretero, D.; Roqué-Rosell, J.; Tauler, E.; Domènech, C. (2017)

Minerales 'exóticos' en cromititas ofiolíticas. Implicaciones para la geodinámica mantélica

MACLA. Revista de la Sociedad Española de Mineralogía
22, pp. 109 - 110
Aiglsperger, Thomas; Proenza, Joaquin A.; Gali, Salvador; Rius, Jordi; Longo, Francisco; Domenech, Cristina (2017)

The supergene origin of ruthenian hexaferrum in Ni-laterites

Terra Nova
29 , 2, pp. 106 - 116
Domenech, Cristina; Gali, Salvador; Villanova-de-Benavent, Cristina; Soler, Josep M.; Proenza, Joaquin A. (2017)

Reactive transport model of the formation of oxide-type Ni-laterite profiles (Punta Gorda, Moa Bay, Cuba)

Mineralium Deposita
52 , 7, pp. 993 - 1010
Rodríguez-Fernández, D.; Heckel, B.; Torrento, C.; Meyer, A.; Elsner, M.; Hunkeler, D.; Soler, A.; Rosell, M.; Domenech, C. (2018)

Dual element (C-Cl) isotope approach to distinguish abiotic reactions of chlorinated methanes by Fe(0) and by Fe(II) on iron minerals at neutral and alkaline pH

206, pp. 447 - 456
Rodríguez-Fernández, D.; Torrentó, C.; Guivernau, M.; Viñas, M.; Hunkeler, D.; Soler, A.; Domènech, C.; Rosell, M. (2018)

Vitamin B12 effects on chlorinated methanes-degrading microcosms: Dual isotope and metabolically active microbial populations assessment

Science of the Total Environment
621, pp. 1615 - 1625
Tauler, E.; Lewis, J.F.; Villanova-de-Benavent, C.; Aiglsperger, T.; Proenza, J.A.; Domènech, C.; Gallardo, T.; Longo, F.; Galí, S. (2017)

Discovery of Ni-smectite rich saprolite at Loma Ortega, Falcondo mining district (Dominican Republic): geochemistry and mineralogy of an unusual case of 'hybrid hydrous Mg silicate-clay silicate' type Ni-laterite

Mineralium Deposita
52, pp. 1011 - 1030
Grau-Martínez, A.; Torrentó, C.; Carrey, R.; Rodríguez-Escales, P.; Domènech, C.; Ghiglieri, G.; Soler, A.; Otero, N. (2017)

Feasibility of two low-cost organic substrates for unducing denitrification in artificial recharge ponds:batch and flow-through experiments.

Journal of Contaminant Hydrology
198, pp. 48 - 58
Puig, R.; Soler, A.; Widory, D., Mas-Pla, J.;Domènech, C.; Otero, N. (2017)

Characterizing sources and natural attenuation of nitrate contamination in the Baix Ter aquifer system (NE Spain) using a multi-isotope approach

Science of the Total Environment
580, pp. 518 - 537
Domènech, C.; Canals, A.; Soler, A.; Sabanès, A.; Dumestre, A. (2017)

Evolution assessment of soils contaminated by roasted pyrite wastes

Procedia Earth and Planetary Science
17C, pp. 432 - 435
Villanova-de-Benavent, C.; Domènech, C.; Tauler, E.; Galí, S.; Tassara, S.; Proenza, J.A. (2017)

Fe-Ni-bearing serpentines from the saprolite horizon of Caribbean Ni-laterite deposits: new insights from thermodynamic calculations

Mineralium Deposita
52, pp. 979 - 992
Heckel, B.; Rodríguez-Fernández, D.; Torrento, C.; Meyer, A.; Palau, J.; Domenech, C.; Rosell, M.; Soler, A.; Hunkeler, D.; Elsner, M. (2017)

Compound-Specific Chlorine Isotope Analysis of Tetrachloromethane and Trichloromethane by Gas Chromatography-Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry vs Gas Chromatography-Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry: Method Development and Evaluation of Precision and Trueness

Analytical Chemistry
89 , 6, pp. 3411 - 3420
Torrentó, C.; Palau, J.; Rodríguez-Fernández, D.; Heckel, B.; Meyer, A.; Domènech, C.; Rosell, M.; Soler, A.; Elsner, M.; Hunkeler, D. (2017)

Carbon and chlorine isotope fractionation patterns associated with different engineered chloroform transformation reactions

Environmental Science & Technology
51 , 11, pp. 6174 - 6184
Menció, A.; Mas-Pla, J.; Otero, N.; Regàs, O.; Boy-Roura, M.; Puig, R.; Bach, J.; Domènech, C.; Zamorano, M.; Brusi, D.; Folch, A. (2016)

Nitrate pollution of groundwater, all right... but nothing else?

Science of the Total Environment
539, pp. 241 - 251
Rodríguez-Fernández, D.; Rosell, M.; Domènech, C.; Torrentó, C.; Palau, J.; Soler, A. (2015)

C and Cl-CSIA for elucidating chlorinated methanes biotic and abiotic degradation at a polluted bedrock aquifer

Procedia Earth and Planetary Science
13, pp. 120 - 123
Domènech,C.; Martínez-Bofill,J.; Otero, N.; Tauler,E.; Soler, J.; Coto, L.; Soler, A.; (2015)

Comparative study of Spanish norms used to quantify gypsum content in civil and building construction

MACLA. Revista de la Sociedad Española de Mineralogía
20, pp. 43 - 44