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Alberto Cruz Alcalde
  • Orcid 0000-0001-5534-0764
  • Categoria Contractat
  • Departament Departament d'Enginyeria Química i Química Analítica
  • Facultat Facultat de Química

Publicacions en revistes de Alberto Cruz Alcalde (27)

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Bolaños, D.; Masís, M.; Durán, E.; Pérez, L.F.; López-Vinent, N.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Rodríguez, C.; Álvarez Caero, M.M.; Sans Mazón, C. (2022)

Use of organic fertilizers in solar photo-Fenton process as a potential technology to remove pesticides from pineapple processing wastewater in Costa Rica

Open Research Europe
2 , 105
Villota, N.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Ferreiro, C.; Lombraña, J.I.; Esplugas, S. (2022)

Changes in solution turbidity and color during paracetamol removal in laboratory and pilot-scale semicontinuous ozonation reactors

Science of the Total Environment
854 , 158682
Oriol Porcar-Santos; Alberto Cruz-Alcalde; Bernardí Bayarri; Carmen Sans (2022)

Reactions of bisphenol F and bisphenol S with ozone and hydroxyl radical: Kinetics and mechanisms

Science of the Total Environment
846 , 157173
López-Vinent, L.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Moussavi, G.; del Castillo Gonzalez, I.; Hernandez Lehmann, A.; Giménez, J.; Giannakis, S. (2022)

Improving ferrate disinfection and decontamination performance at neutral pH by activating peroxymonosulfate under solar light

Chemical Engineering Journal
450 , 137904
Osorio, V.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Pérez, S. (2021)

Nitrosation and nitration of diclofenac and structurally related nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in nitrifying activated sludge

Science of the Total Environment
807 , 150533
López-Vinent, N.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Lai, C.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S.; Sans, C. (2021)

Role of sunlight and oxygen on the performance of photo-Fenton process at near neutral pH using organic fertilizers as iron chelates

Science of the Total Environment
803, p. 149873
Mencia Torrico, R.; Micó Reche, M.M.; Cruz Alcalde, A.; Romero Olarte, V.; Antezana Fernández, H.; Álvarez Caero, M.M:; Sans Mazón, C. (2021)

Application of solar-based oxidation to the management of empty pesticide container rinse water in Bolivia

Open Research Europe
1, p. 70
Cruz-Alcalde, A.; López-Vinent, L.; Ribeiro, R.S.; Giménez, J.; Sans, C.; Silva, A.M.T. (2021)

Persulfate activation by reduced graphene oxide membranes: Practical and mechanistic insights concerning organic pollutants abatement

Chemical Engineering Journal
427 , 130994
López-Vinent, N.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S. (2021)

Mixtures of chelating agents to enhance photo-Fenton process at natural pH: Influence of wastewater matrix on micropollutant removal and bacterial inactivation

Science of the Total Environment
786, p. 147416
Bayarri, B.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; López-Vinent, N.; Micó, M.M.; Sans, C. (2021)

Can ozone inactivate SARS-CoV-2? A review of mechanisms and performance on viruses

Journal of Hazardous Materials
415 , 125658
López-Vinent, N.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S.; Sans, C. (2021)

Improvement of the photo-Fenton process at natural condition of pH using organic fertilizers mixtures: Potential application to agricultural reuse of wastewater

Applied Catalysis B-Environmental
290, p. 120066
Lopez-Vinent, N.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Ganiyu, S.O.; Sable, S.; Messele, S.A.; Lillico, D.; Stafford, J.; Sans, C.; Gimenez, J.; Esplugas, S.: Gamal El-Din, M. (2021)

Coagulation-flocculation followed by catalytic ozonation processes for enhanced primary treatment during wet weather conditions

Journal of Environmental Management
283, p. 111975
Soler de la Vega, N.C.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Sans, C.; Barata, C.; Diaz-Cruz, S. (2020)

Nano-TiO2 Phototoxicity in Fresh and Seawater:Daphnia magna and Artemia sp. as Proxies

13 , 55
Porcar-Santos, O; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; López-Vinent, N.; Zanganas, D.; Sans, C. (2020)

Photocatalytic degradation of sulfamethoxazole using TiO2 in simulated seawater: Evidence for direct formation of reactive halogen species and halogenated by-products

Science of the Total Environment
736 , 139605
Lopez-Vinent, N.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Malvestiti, J.; Marco, P.; Gimenez, J.; Esplugas, S. (2020)

Organic fertilizer as a chelating agent in photo-Fenton at neutral pH with LEDs for agricultural wastewater reuse: Micropollutant abatement and bacterial inactivation

Chemical Engineering Journal
388 , 124246
Lopez-Vinent, N.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Gutiérrez, C.; Marco, P.; Gimenez, J.; Esplugas, S. (2020)

Micropollutant removal in real WW by photo-Fenton (circumneutral and acid pH) with BLB and LED lamps

Chemical Engineering Journal
Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Esplugas, S.; Sans, C (2019)

Continuous versus single H2O2 addition in peroxone process: Performance improvement and modelling in wastewater effluents

Journal of Hazardous Materials
387 , 121993
Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Esplugas, S.; Sans, C (2019)

Characterization and fate of EfOM during ozonation applied for effective abatement of recalcitrant micropollutants

Separation and Purification Technology
237 , 116468
Lopez-Vinent, N.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Romero, L. E.; Chavez, M. E.; Marco, P.; Gimenez, J.; Esplugas, S. (2019)

Synergies, radiation and kinetics in photo-Fenton process with UVA-LEDs

Journal of Hazardous Materials
Malvestiti, J.A.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.B.; López-Vinent, N.; Dantas, R.F.; Sans, C. (2019)

Catalytic ozonation by metal ions for municipal wastewater disinfection and simulataneous micropollutants removal

Applied Catalysis B-Environmental
259 , 118104