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Santiago Esplugas Vidal
  • Orcid 0000-0002-3693-2948
  • Categoria Contractat
  • Departament Departament d'Enginyeria Química i Química Analítica
  • Facultat Facultat de Química

Publicacions en revistes de Santiago Esplugas Vidal (243)

S'han trobat 243 resultats

Cruz, A.; Couto, L.; Esplugas, S.; Sans, C. (2017)

Study of the contribution of homogeneous catalysis on heterogeneous Fe (III)/alginate mediated photo-Fenton process

Chemical Engineering Journal
318, pp. 272 - 280
Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Sans, C.; Esplugas, S. (2017)

Exploring ozonation as treatment alternative for methiocarb and formed transformation products abatement

186, pp. 725 - 732
Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Sans, C.; Esplugas, S. (2017)

Priority pesticides abatement by advanced water technologies: the case of acetamiprid removal by ozonation

Science of the Total Environment
599-600, pp. 1454 - 1461
Mantzavinos, D.; Poulios, I.; Esplugas, S.; An, T.; Puma, G.L.; Dionysiou, D.D. (2017)

Emerging advanced oxidation processes for the elimination of micro-pollutants

Chemical Engineering Journal
318, pp. 1 - 1
De Luca, A.; He, X.; Dionysiou, D.D.; Dantas, R.F.; Esplugas, S. (2017)

Effects of bromide on the degradation of organic contaminants with UV and Fe2+ activated persulfate

Chemical Engineering Journal
318, pp. 206 - 213
Haranaka-Funai, D.; Didier, F.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S.; Marco, P.; Machulek Jr., A. (2017)

Photo-Fenton treatment of valproate under UVC, UVA and simulated solar radiation

Journal of Hazardous Materials
323, pp. 537 - 549
Cristale, J.; Dantas, R.F.; De Luca, A.; Sans, C.; Esplugas, S.; Lacorte, S. (2017)

Role of oxygen and DOM in sunlight induced photodegradatation of organophosphorus flame retardants in river water

Journal of Hazardous Materials
323, pp. 242 - 249
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Applied Catalysis B-Environmental
194, pp. 111 - 122
Romero, V.; Acevedo, S.; Marco, P.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S. (2016)

Enhancement of Fenton and photo-Fenton processes at initial circumneutral pH for the degradation of the ?-blocker metoprolol

Water Research
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Removal of organophosphate esters from municipal secondary effluents by ozone and UV/H2O2 treatments

Separation and Purification Technology
156, pp. 1028 - 1034
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Advanced technologies for water treatment and reuse

AIChE Journal
61 , 10, pp. 3146 - 3158
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Ozonation treatment of urban primary and biotreated wastewaters: Impacts and modeling

Chemical Engineering Journal
283, pp. 768 - 777
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Chemical Engineering Journal
283, pp. 639 - 648
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Ozone/H2O2 performance on the degradation of Sulfamethoxazole

Ozone: Science & Engineering
37 , 6, pp. 509 - 517
Bing Zhu, B.; Zonja, B.; Gonzalez, O.; Sans, C.; Pérez, S.; Barceló, D.; Esplugas, S.; Xu, K.; Qiang, Z.M. (2015)

Degradation kinetics and pathways of three calcium channel blockers under UV irradiation

Water Research
86, pp. 9 - 16
Pereira, R.; Dantas, R.F.; Bayarri, B.; González, O.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S.; Machulek Jr., A. (2015)

Synthesis and characterization of B-doped TiO2 and their performance for the degradation of metoprolol

Catalysis Today
252, pp. 27 - 34
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BAC filtration to mitigate micropollutants and EfOM content in reclamation reverse osmosis brines

Chemical Engineering Journal
279, pp. 589 - 596
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Study of Fe(III)-NTA chelates stability for applicability in photoFenton at neutral pH

Applied Catalysis B-Environmental
179, pp. 372 - 379