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Santiago Esplugas Vidal
  • Orcid 0000-0002-3693-2948
  • Categoria Contractat
  • Departament Departament d'Enginyeria Química i Química Analítica
  • Facultat Facultat de Química

Publicacions en revistes de Santiago Esplugas Vidal (243)

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Gozzi, F.; Machulek, A.; Souza Ferreira, V.; Eiko Osugi, M.; Floriano Santos, A.P.; Alves Nogueira, J.; Dantas, R.F.; Esplugas, S.; César de Oliveira, S. (2012)

Investigation of chlorimuron-ethyl degradation by Fenton, photo-Fenton and ozonation processes

Chemical Engineering Journal
210, pp. 444 - 450
Souza, B.S.; Dantas, R.F.; Agulló-Barceló, M.; Lucena, F.; Sans, C.; Esplugas, S.; Dezotti, M. (2013)

Evaluation of UV/H2O2 on the disinfection and treatment of municipal secondary effluents for water reuse

Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
88 , 9, pp. 1697 - 1706
De la Cruz, N.; Romero, V.; Dantas, R.; Marco, P.; Bayarri, B.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S. (2013)

o-nitrobenzaldehyde actinometry in the presence of suspended TiO2 for photocatalytic reactors

Catalysis Today
209, pp. 209 - 214
Pereira, J.H.O.S.; Vilar, V.J.P.; Borges, M.T.; González, O.; Esplugas, S.; Boaventura, R.A.R. (2011)

Photocatalytic degradation of oxytetracycline using TiO under natural and simulated solar radiation

Solar Energy
85, pp. 2732 - 2740
Gando-Ferreira ,L.M.; Larachi, F.; Esplugas, S. (2012)

Recent Advances in Valorization Methods of Inorganic/Organic Solid, Liquid, and Gas Wastes

International Journal of Chemical Engineering
2012, pp. 1 - 2
Dantas, R.F.; Dominguez, V.; Cruz, A.; Sans, C.; Esplugas, S. (2012)

Application of advanced oxidation for the removal of micropollutants in secondary effluents

Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination
2 , 2, pp. 121 - 126
Bayarri, B.; Giménez, J.; Curcó, D.; Esplugas, S. (2012)

Direct evaluation of the absorbed photon flow in a photocatalytic reactor by an actinometric method

Chemical Engineering Journal
200-202, pp. 158 - 167
Souza, B.S.; Dantas, R.F.; Cruz, A.; Sans, C.; Esplugas, S.; Dezotti, M. (2014)

Photochemical oxidation of municipal secondary effluents at low H2O2 dosage: study of hydroxyl radical scavenging and process performance

Chemical Engineering Journal
237, pp. 268 - 276
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Evaluation of copper slag to catalyze advanced oxidation processes for the removal of phenol in water

Journal of Hazardous Materials
213-214, pp. 325 - 330
De la Cruz, N.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S.; Grandjean, D.; de Alencastro, L.F.; Pulgarín, C. (2012)

Degradation of 32 emergent contaminants by UV and neutral photo-Fenton in domestic wastewater effluent previously treated by activated sludge

Water Research
46, pp. 1947 - 1957
Penru, Y.; Guastalli, A.R.; Esplugas, S.; Baig, S. (2012)

Application of UV and UV/H2O2 to seawater: Disinfection and natural organic matter removal

Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A-Chemistry
233 , 1, pp. 40 - 45
Penru, Y.; Guastalli, A.R.; Esplugas, S.; Baig, S. (2012)

Influence of high salinity on the degradation of humic acid by UV254 and H2O2/UV254

Ozone: Science & Engineering
34 , 2, pp. 101 - 108
Domenjoud, B.; Cortés-Francisco, N.; Guastalli, A.R.; Caixach, J.; Esplugas, S.; Baig, S. (2011)

Ozonation of municipal secondary effluent; removal of hazardous micropollutants and related changes of organic matter composition

Journal of Advanced Oxidation Technologies
14 , 1, pp. 138 - 146
Falguera, V.; Esplugas, S.; Vicente, M.; Ibarz, A. (2011)

Modeling of absorbed radiation profiles in a system composed by a plane photoreactor and a single lamp

Food Research International
44, pp. 3111 - 3114
Méndez-Arriaga, F.; Otsu, T.; Oyama, T.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S.; Hidaka, H.; Serpone, N. (2011)

Photooxidation of the antidepressant drug Fluoxetine (Prozac®) in aqueous media by hybrid catalytic/ozonation processes

Water Research
45, pp. 2782 - 2794
Domenjoud, B.; Tatari, C.; Esplugas, S.; Baig, S. (2011)

Ozone-Based Processes Applied to Municipal Secondary Effluents

Ozone: Science & Engineering
22, pp. 243 - 249
Romero, V.; De la Cruz, N.; Dantas, R.F.; Marco, P.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S. (2011)

Photocatalytic treatment of metoprolol and propranolol

Catalysis Today
161, pp. 115 - 120
Dantas, R.; Sans, C.; Esplugas, S. (2011)

Ozonation of Propranolol: Transformation, Biodegradability, and Toxicity Assessment

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Characterization and Control Strategies of an Integrated Chemical-Biological System for the Remediation of Toxic Pollutants in Wastewater: A case of study

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