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Margarita Menendez Lopez
  • Orcid 0000-0002-6590-7960
  • Categoria Contractat
  • Departament Departament de Biologia Evolutiva, Ecologia i Ciències Ambientals
  • Facultat Facultat de Biologia

Publicacions en revistes de Margarita Menendez Lopez (73)

S'han trobat 73 resultats

Aria-Real, R.; Gutiérrex-Cánovas, C.; Menéndez, M.; Muñoz, I. (2022)

Drying niches of aquatic macroinvertebrates identify potential biomonitoring indicators in intermittent and ephemeral streams

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Contrary effects of flow intermittence and land uses on organic matter decomposition in a Mediterranean river basin

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Diversity mediates the responses of invertebrate density to duration and frequency of rivers annual drying regime

130 , 12, pp. 2148 - 2160
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Fungal biodiversity mediates the effects of drying on freshwater ecosystem functioning

Abril, M.; Menéndez, M.; Ferreira, V. (2021)

Decomposition of leaf litter mixtures in streams: effects of component litter species and current velocity

Aquatic Sciences - Research Across Boundaries
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Subsurface zones in intermittent streams are hotspots of microbial decomposition during the non-flow period

Science of the Total Environment
703, p. 135485
Abril, M.; Bastias, E.; Von Schiller, D.; Martí, E.; Menéndez, M.; Muñoz, I. (2019)

Uptake and trophic transfer of nitrogen and carbon in a temperate forested headwater stream

Aquatic Sciences - Research Across Boundaries
81 , 75
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Decomposition processes in coastal lagoons and their implications for the assessment of ecological health

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Quality and quantity of leaf-litter: both are important for feeding preferences and growth of an aquatic shredder

PLoS One
13 , 12, p. e0208272
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Key role of streambed moisture and flash storms for microbial resistance and resilience to long-term drought

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Freshwater Biology
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Nurse species could facilitate the recruitment of mangrove seedlings after hydrological rehabilitation

Ecological Engineering
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Climate modulates the magnitude of the effects of flow regulation on leaf-litter decomposition

Aquatic Sciences - Research Across Boundaries
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Science of the Total Environment
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Leaf-litter breakdown as an indicator of the impacts by flow regulation in headwater streams: Response across climatic regions

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Science of the Total Environment
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