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Rosina Girones Llop
  • Orcid 0000-0002-1097-6395
  • Categoria Catedràtic d'Universitat
  • Departament Departament de Genètica, Microbiologia i Estadística
  • Facultat Facultat de Biologia

Publicacions en revistes de Rosina Girones Llop (140)

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Sospedra M.; Schippling S.; Yousef S.; Jelcic I.; Bofill-Mas S.; Planas R.; Stellmann JP.; Demina V.; Cinque P.; Garcea R.; Croughs T.; Girones R.; Martin R. (2014)

Treating progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy with interleukin 7 and vaccination with JC virus capsid protein VP1

Clinical Infectious Diseases
59 , 11, pp. 1588 - 1592
Sales-Ortells, H.; Fernandez-Cassi, X.; Timoneda, N.; Dürig, W.; Girones, R.; Medema, G. (2015)

Health risks derived from consumption of lettuces irrigated with tertiary effluent containing norovirus

Food Research International
68, pp. 70 - 77
Calgua, B.; Carratala, A.; Guerrero-Latorre, L.; de Abreu, A.; Kohn, T.; Sommer, R.; Girones, R. (2014)

UVC Inactivation of dsDNA and ssRNA Viruses in water: UV fluences and a qPCR-based approach to evaluate decay on viral infectivity

Food And Environmental Virology
pp. 260 - 268
Victoria, M.; Fumian, T.M.; Rocha, M.S.; Dalmao, F.; Leite, J.P.G.; Girones, R.; Miagostovich, M.P. (2014)

Gastroenteric virus dissemination and influence of rainfall events in urban beaches in Brazil

Journal of Applied Microbiology
117 , 4, pp. 1210 - 1218
Sprenger, C.; Lorenzen, G.; Grunert, A.; Ronghang, M.; Dizer, H.; Selinka, C.; Girones, R.; Lopez-Pila, J.M.; Mittal, A.; Szewzyk, R. (2014)

Removal of indigenous coliphages and enteric viruses during riverbank filtration from highly polluted river water in Delhi (India)

Journal Of Water And Health
12 , 2, pp. 332 - 342
Amar, L.; Hundesa, A.; Fresno, S.; Rodriguez-Manzano, J.; Wakrim, L.; Girones, R.; Lkhider, M. (2013)

Human enteric viruses in various environmental matrices in the northwest of Morocco

International Journal of Current Research
10 , 3, pp. 2724 - 2734.
Guerrero-Latorre, L.; Rusiñol, M.; Hundesa, A.; Garcia-Valles, M.; Martinez, S.; Joseph, O.; Bofill-Mas, S.; Girones, R. (2015)

Development of improved low-cost ceramic water filters for viral removal in the Haitian context

Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development
5 , 1, pp. 28 - 38
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Adenovirus and Norovirus Contaminants in Commercially Distributed Shellfish

Food And Environmental Virology
6 , 1, pp. 31 - 41
Rusiñol, M.; Fernández-Cassi, X.; Hundesa, A.; Vieira, C.; Kern, A.; Eriksson, I.; Ziros, P.; Kay, D.; Miagostovich, M.; Vargha, M.; Allard, A.; Vantarakis, A.; Wyn-Jones, P.; Bofill-Mas, S.; Girones, R. (2014)

Application of human and animal viral microbial source tracking tools in fresh and marine waters from five different geographical areas

Water Research
59, pp. 119 - 129
Girones, R.; Carratalà, A.; Calgua, B.; Calvo, M.; Rodriguez-Manzano, J.; Emerson, S. (2014)

Chlorine Inactivation of Hepatitis E Virus and Human Adenovirus 2 in Water

Journal Of Water And Health
12 , 3, pp. 436 - 442
Carratalà, A.; Rusiñol, M.; Rodriguez-Manzano, J.; Guerrero-Latorre, L.; Sommer, R.; Girones, R. (2013)

Environmental effectors on the inactivation of human adenoviruses in water

Food And Environmental Virology
5 , 4, pp. 203 - 214
Bofill-Mas, S.; Rusiñol, M.; Fernandez-Cassi, X.; Carratalà, A.; Hundesa, A.; Girones, R. (2013)

Quantification of human and animal viruses to differentiate the origin of the fecal contamination present in environmental samples

BioMed Research International
2013 , p. 11 pages
Carratalà, A.; Rodriguez-Manzano, J.; Hundesa, A.; Rusiñol, M.; Fresno, S.; Cook, N.; Girones, R. (2013)

Effect of temperature and sunlight on the stability of human adenoviruses and MS2 as fecal contaminants on fresh produce surfaces

International Journal of Food Microbiology
164 , 2-3, pp. 128 - 134
Rusiñol, AM.; Carratalà, A.; Hundesa, A.; Bach, A.; Kern, A.; Vantarakis, A.; Girones, R.; Bofill-Mas, S. (2013)

Description of a novel viral tool to identify and quantify ovine faecal pollution in the environment

Science of the Total Environment
458-460C, pp. 355 - 360
Calgua, B.; Rodriguez-Manzano, J.; Hundesa, A.; Suñen, E.; Calvo, M.; Bofill-Masa, S.; Girones, R. (2013)

New methods for the concentration of viruses from urban sewage using quantitative PCR

Journal of Virological Methods
187 , 2, pp. 215 - 221
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Detection and quantification of classic and emerging viruses by skimmed-milk flocculation and PCR in river water from two geographical areas

Water Research
47 , 8, pp. 2797 - 2310
Jelcic, I.; Aly, L.; Binder, T.M.; Jelcic, I.; Bofill-Mas, S.; Planas, R.; Demina, V.; Eiermann, T.H.; Weber, T.; Girones, R.; Sospedra, M.; Martin, R. (2013)

T cell epitope mapping of JC polyoma virus-encoded proteome reveals reduced T cell responses in HLA-DRB1*04:01+ donors

Journal of Virology
87 , 6, pp. 3393 - 3408
Carratala, A.; Rusinol, M.; Hundesa, A.; Biarnes, M.; Rodriguez-Manzano, J.; Vantarakis, A.; Kern, A.; Suñen, E.; Girones, R.; Bofill-Mas, S. (2012)

An evaluation of a new microbial source tracking tool for the detection of the origin of fecal contamination in poultry by the quantification of chicken/turkey parvoviruses

Applied and Environmental Microbiology
78, pp. 7496 - 7499
Wyer, M.D.; Wyn-Jones, P.; Kay, D.; Au-Yeung, H.C.; Girones, R.; López-Pila, J.; de Roda Husman, A.M.; Rutjes, S.; Schneider, O. (2012)

Relationships between human adenoviruses and faecal indicator organisms in European recreational waters

Water Research
46 , 13, pp. 4130 - 4141
Rodriguez-Manzano, J.; Alonso, J.L.; Ferrús, M.A.; Moreno, Y.; Amorós, I.; Calgua, B.; Hundesa, A.; Guerrero-Latorre, L.; Carratala, A.; Rusinol, M.; Girones, R. (2012)

Standard and new faecal indicators and pathogens in sewage treatment plants, microbiological parameters for improving the control of reclaimed water

Water Science and Technology
66, pp. 2517 - 2523