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Juan Llorens Llacuna
  • Orcid 0000-0002-2361-8968
  • Categoria Contractat
  • Departament Departament d'Enginyeria Química i Química Analítica
  • Facultat Facultat de Química

Publicacions en revistes de Juan Llorens Llacuna (149)

S'han trobat 149 resultats

Gholami, S.; Llorens J.; Vatanpour, V.; Dehqan, A.; Paziresh, Sh.; Cortina, J.L. (2022)

Impact of a new functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes on antifouling and permeability of PVDF nanocomposite membranes for dye wastewater treatment

294 , 133699, pp. 1 - 12
Cabello, R.; Plesu-Popescu, A.E.; Bonet-Ruiz, J.; Curcó, D.; Llorens, J. (2021)

Validation of CFD Models for Double-Pipe Heat Exchangers with Empirical Correlations.

Chemical Engineering Transactions
88, pp. 1243 - 1248
Ruiz-Hernando, M; Vinardell, S; Labanda, J; Llorens, J. (2022)

Effect of ultrasonication on waste activated sludge rheological properties and process economics

Water Research
208, p. 117855
Plesu Popescu, A.E.; Torralba, J.; Bonet, J.; Llorens, J. (2021)

Vanillin production from lignin: Rigorous process simulation results for ethyl acetate versus aliphatic-alcohol-specific process designs

Cleaner Engineering and Technology
4, p. 100133
Plesu Popescu, A.E.; Pellin, J.L.; Bonet, J.; Llorens, J. (2021)

Bioethanol dehydration and mixing by heterogeneous azeotropic distillation

Journal Of Cleaner Production
320, p. 128810
Plesu Popescu, A.E.; González, A.; Llorens, J.; Bonet, J. (2021)

Investigating best available technique for CO2 chemical absorption: solvent selection based on empirical surrogate model and exergy loss

Clean Technologies And Environmental Policy
Plesu Popescu, A.E.; Bonet, J.; Llorens, J. (2020)

Greenhouse Gas emissions reduction by process intensification: Reactive distillation column with side decanter

Energy & Environment
32 , 8, pp. 1457 - 1478
Plesu-Popescu, A.E.; Torralba, J.; Bonet-Ruiz, J.; Llorens, J. (2020)

Solvent Screening and Process Simulation for Vanillin Production from Lignin.

Chemical Engineering Transactions
81, pp. 835 - 840
Plesu-Popescu, A.E.; Pellin, J.L.; Bonet-Ruiz, J.; Llorens, J. (2020)

Cleaner Process and Entrainer Screening for Bioethanol Dehydration by Heterogeneous Azeotropic Distillation.

Chemical Engineering Transactions
81, pp. 829 - 834
Alcaraz Serrano, V.; Llorens-Llacuna, J.; Gimeno-Santos, E.; Gabarrus, A.; Herrero Cortina, B.; Rosales-Mayor, E.; Fernández-Barat, L.; Polverino, E.; Amaro-Rodriguez, R.; Torres-Marti, A. (2018)

Does Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection alter sputum viscoelastic properties in bronchiectasis patients?

European Respiratory Journal
52: PA1461, pp. 1461 - 1461
Alcaraz Serrano, V.; Fernandez Barat, L.; Scioscia, G.; Llorens Llacuna, J.; Gimeno Santos, E.; Herrero Cortina, B.; Vazquez, N.; Gabarrus, A.; Amaro Rodriguez, R.; Menendez, R.; Torres, A. (2019)

Mucoid Pseudomonas aeruginosa alter sputum viscoelastic properties in patients with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis

European Respiratory Journal
54: PA2162 , Issue suppl 63, pp. 2162 - 2162
Ortiz, Hector; Codina, Antonio; Ciga, Miguel A.; Biondo, Sebastiano; Enriquez-Navascues, Jose M.; Espin, Eloy; Garcia-Granero, Eduardo; Roig, Jose V. (2016)

Effect of hospital caseload on long-term outcome after standardization of rectal cancer surgery in the Spanish Rectal Cancer Project

Cirugía Española
94 , 8, pp. 442 - 452
Alcaraz-Serrano, Victoria; Fernandez-Barat, Laia; Scioscia, Giulia; Llorens-Llacuna, Joan; Gimeno-Santos, Elena; Herrero-Cortina, Beatriz; Vazquez, Nil; Puig de la Bellacasa, Jordi; Gabarrus, Albert; Amaro-Rodriguez, Rosanel; Menendez, Rosario; Torres, An (2019)

Mucoid Pseudomonas aeruginosa alters sputum viscoelasticity in patients with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis

Respiratory Medicine
154, pp. 40 - 46
Expósito, S.; Bone, J.; Bonet-Ruiz, A.E.; Llorens, J.; Iancu, P.; Plesu, V. (2019)

Energy consumption in sharp and non-sharp splits of ideal ternary mixtures

Chemical Engineering Transactions
76, pp. 799 - 804
Marin, K.; Bonet-Ruiz, J.; Bonet-Ruiz, A.E.; Plesu, V.; Iancu, P.; Llorens, J. (2019)

Integrated reaction-separation processes sequencing and screening at early stages of design

Chemical Engineering Transactions
76, pp. 631 - 636
Marchante, I.; Ruiz, A.E.B.; Plesu, V.; Bonet-Ruiz, J.; Iancu, P.; Llorens, J. (2019)

Hydration of cyclohexene to cyclohexanol in a hybrid reactive distillation with a side decanter

Chemical Engineering Transactions
76, pp. 25 - 30
Plesu, Valentin; Cruzado Valverde, Hector; Curco, David; Bonet Ruiz, Alexandra E.; Bonet, Jordi; Iancu, Petrica; Llorens, Joan (2017)

Software Tool for Computing and Visualization of Enhanced Residue Curve Maps

Computer Aided Chemical Engineering
40A, pp. 199 - 204
Balanyà, T; Labanda, J; Llorens, J; Sabaté, J (2019)

Influence of chemical speciation on the separation of metal ions from chelating agents by nanofiltration membranes

Separation Science and Technology
54 , 1, pp. 143 - 152
Risco, A.; Plesu, V.; Heydenreich, J.A.; Bonet, J.; Bonet, A.E.; Bonet, J.; Calvet, A.; Iancu, P.; Llorens, J. (2019)

Pressure selection for non-reactive and reactive pressure-swing distillation

Chemical Engineering and Processing
135, pp. 9 - 21
Mas, j.; Argudo, M.; Labanda, J.; Llorens, J. (2007)

Mass and volume efficient CO2 removal and O 2 generation system

SAE Technical Papers
2007-01-3251, pp. 1 - 12