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Maria Nieves Otero Perez
  • Orcid 0000-0001-6553-7958
  • Categoria Contractat
  • Departament Departament de Mineralogia, Petrologia i Geologia Aplicada
  • Facultat Facultat de Ciències de la Terra

Publicacions en revistes de Maria Nieves Otero Perez (68)

S'han trobat 68 resultats

Audí-Miró, C.; Otero, N.; Soler, A.; Palau, J. (2011)

Isotopic fractionation as a tool to assess degradation of chlorinated ethylenes by a zero valent iron barrier

MACLA. Revista de la Sociedad Española de Mineralogía
15, pp. 37 - 38
Gómez, J.J.; Carrey, R.; Valiente, N.; Otero, N.; Soler, A.; Ayora, C.; Sanz, D.; Muñoz, A.; Castaño, S.; Recio, C.; Carnicero, A.; Cortijo, A. (2014)

Denitrification in a hypersaline lake-aquifer system (Pétrola Basin, Central Spain): The role of recent organic matter and Cretaceous organic rich sediments

Science of the Total Environment
497-498, pp. 594 - 606
Carrey, R.; Rodríguez Escales, P.; Otero, N.; Ayora, C.; Soler, A.; Gómez Alday, J.J. (2014)

Nitrate attenuation potential of hypersaline lake sediments in central Spain: Flow-through and batch experiments

Journal of Contaminant Hydrology
164, pp. 323 - 337
Audí-Miró, C.; Cretnik, S.; Torrentó, C.; Rosell, M.; Shouakar-Stash, O.; Otero, N.; Palau, J.; Elsner, M.; Soler, A (2015)

C, Cl and H compound-specific isotope analysis to assess natural versus Fe(0) barrier-induced degradation of chlorinated ethenes at a contaminated site

Journal of Hazardous Materials
299, pp. 747 - 754
Merchan, D.; Otero, N.; Soler, A.; Causapé, J. (2014)

Main sources and processes affecting dissolved sulphates and nitrates in a small irrigated basin (Lerma Basin, Zaragoza, Spain): Isotopic characterization

Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment
195 , 1 October 2014, pp. 127 - 138
Carrey, R.; Otero, N.; Vidal-Gavilan, G.; Ayora, C.; Soler, A.; Gómez-Alday, J.J. (2014)

Induced Nitrate Attenuation by Glucose in Groundwater: Flow-Through Experiment

Chemical Geology
370, pp. 19 - 28
Palau, J.; Marchesi, M.: Chambon, J.: Aravena, R.; Canals, A.; Binning, P. J., Bjerg P. L.; Otero, N.; Soler, A. (2014)

Multi-isotope (carbon and chlorine) analysis for fingerprinting and site characterization at a fractured bedrock aquifer contaminated by chlorinated ethenes

Science of the Total Environment
475, pp. 61 - 70
Torrentó, C.; Audí-Miró, C.; Bordeleau, G.; Marchesi, M.; Rosell, M.; Otero, N.; Soler, A. (2014)

The use of alkaline hydrolysis as a novel strategy for chloroform remediation: feasibility of using urban construction wastes and evaluation of carbon isotopic fractionation

Environmental Science & Technology
48 , 3, pp. 1869 - 1877
Marchesi, M.; Thomson, N. R.; Aravena, R.; Sra K. S.; Otero, N.; Soler, A. (2013)

Carbon isotope fractionation of 1,1,1- trichloroethane during base-catalyzed persulfate treatment

Journal of Hazardous Materials
250 , 15, pp. 61 - 66
Carrey, R.; Otero, N.; Soler, A.; Gómez-Alday, J. J.; Ayora, C. (2013)

The role of Lower Cretaceous sediments in groundwater nitrate attenuation in Central Spain: column experiments

Applied Geochemistry
32, pp. 142 - 152
Vidal-Gavilan, G.; Folch, A.; Otero, N.; Solanas A.; Soler, A. (2013)

Isotope Characterization of an In situ Biodenitrification Pilot-test in a fractured aquifer

Applied Geochemistry
32, pp. 153 - 163
Audí-Miró, C.; Cretnik, S.; Otero, N.; Palau, J.; Shouakar-Stash, O.; Soler, A.; Elsner, M. (2013)

Cl and C isotope analysis to assess the effectiveness of chlorinated ethene degradation by zero-valent iron: Evidence from dual element and product isotope values

Applied Geochemistry
32, pp. 175 - 183
Otero, N.; Torrentó, C.; Soler, A.; Menció, A.; Mas-Pla, J. (2009)

Monitoring groundwater nitrate attenuation in a regional system coupling hydrogeology with multi-isotopic methods: the case of Plana de Vic (Osona, Spain)

Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment
133 , 1-2, pp. 103 - 113
Torrentó, C.; Cama, J.; Urmeneta, J.; Otero, N.; Soler, A. (2010)

Denitrification of groundwater with pyrite and Thiobacillus denitrificans

Chemical Geology
278 , 1-2, pp. 80 - 91
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Carbon isotope fractionation of chlorinated ethenes during oxidation by Fe2+ activated persulfate.

Science of the Total Environment
433, pp. 318 - 322
Torrentó, C.; Urmeneta, J.; Otero, N.; Soler, A.; Viñas, M., Cama, J. (2011)

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Chemical Geology
287 , 1-2, pp. 90 - 101
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Origin and evolution of groundwater collected by a desalination plant (Tordera, Spain): a multi-isotopic approach

Journal of Hydrology
397, pp. 37 - 46
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Nitrate as tracer of groundwater flow in a fractured multilayered aquifer

Hydrological Sciences Journal - Journal des Sciences Hydrologiques
56 , 1-2, pp. 108 - 122
Vitoria, L; Soler, A.; Canals, A.; Otero, N. (2008)

Environmental Isotopes (N, S, C, O, D) to Determine Natural Attenuation Processes in Nitrate Contaminated Waters: Example of Osona (NE Spain)

Applied Geochemistry
23 , 12, pp. 3597 - 3611
Otero, N.; Canals, A.; Soler, A. (2007)

Using dual-isotope data to trace the origin and processes of dissolved sulphate: a case study in Calders stream (Llobregat basin, Spain)

Aquatic Geochemistry
13, pp. 109 - 126