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Cristina Garcia Aljaro
  • Orcid 0000-0003-4863-3547
  • Categoria Contractat
  • Departament Departament de Genètica, Microbiologia i Estadística
  • Facultat Facultat de Biologia

Publicacions en revistes de Cristina Garcia Aljaro (57)

S'han trobat 57 resultats

Lazcka, O.; García-Aljaro, C; Muñoz, F. J.; del Campo, J.; Mas, J.; Baldrich, E. (2010)

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Analytica Chimica Acta
677 , 2, pp. 156 - 161
Muñoz-Berbel, X; Escudé, R.; García-Aljaro, C.; Cortina, M.; Mas, J.; Muñoz, F.J. (2010)

Impedimetric approach for monitoring bacterial cultures based on the changes in the magnitude of the interface capacitance

Analytical Methods
2 , 8, pp. 1036 - 1042
García-Aljaro C; Cella LN; Shirale DJ; Park M, Muñoz FJ; Yates MV; Mulchandani A. (2010)

Carbon nanotubes-based chemiresistive biosensors for detection of microorganisms

Biosensors & Bioelectronics
26 , 4, pp. 1437 - 1441
García-Aljaro C; Bangar MA; Baldrich E; Muñoz FJ; Mulchandani A. (2010)

Conducting polymer nanowire-based chemiresistive biosensor for the detection of bacterial spores

Biosensors & Bioelectronics
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Captavidin: a new regenerable biocomponent for biosensing?

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160 , 8, pp. 585 - 591
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On-chip impedimetric detection of bacteriophages in dairy samples

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24, pp. 1712 - 1716
Muñoz-Berbel, X.; García-Aljaro, C.; Muñoz, F.J. (2008)

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Electrochimica Acta
53, pp. 5739 - 5744
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Applied and Environmental Microbiology
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BMC Microbiology
13 , 8, p. 138
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Characterization of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli Isolated from Aquatic Environments

FEMS Microbiology Letters
246, pp. 55 - 65
García-Aljaro, C.; Bonjoch, X. ; Blanch, A. R (2005)

Combined use of an Immunomagnetic Separation Method and Immunoblotting for the Enumeration and Isolation of E. coli O157 in Wastewaters

Journal of Applied Microbiology
98, pp. 589 - 597
Savva, D; Garcia-Aljaro C.; Lawes, K.P. ; Swiergosz-Kowalewska R. (2002)

Characterisation of DNA probes for the analysis of metallothionein gene expression in the bank vole (Clethrionomys glareolus)

Environment International
28, pp. 139 - 146
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