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Conference «The Evolution of Environmental Law and Sustainability Policy in the European Union»
MSU Sustainability Seminar Series Earth and Environmental Studies, CSAM - Spring 2011 The Evolution of Environmental Law and Sustainability Policy in the European Union Professor María Jesús Montoro Chiner is Director of the Water Research Institute at the University of Barcelona, Spain, where she is also Professor (Catedrática) of Administrative...


Cloenda del Màster de l'Aigua 2010. Conferència a càrrec del Dr. Emilio Custodio
El Màster Oficial «Aigua. Anàlisi Interdisciplinària i Gestió Sostenible» va cloure la seva quarta edició amb la participació del Dr. Emilio Custodio, que va impartir la conferència «Aspectos de la hidrología subterranea». Amb motiu d'aquest acte, el Dr. Custodio va fer un...


Jornada «Els Problemes de la Reutilització d’Aigua Residual Regenerada en Agricultura al Baix Llobregat»
L'Institut de l'Aigua i Unió de Pagesos van organitzar una jornada per tractar els problemes que comporta la reutilització d'aigües residuals en l'activitat agrària localitzada al Baix Llobregat. La jornada va tenir lloc a Can Comas, al Parc Agrari del Baix Llobregat.


Symposium 2010 «Coastal Waters Environmental Quality»
Introduction Symposium papers Posters Scientific Committee of the Symposium  INTRODUCTION   The density of the population and the activities that have been carried out in the coastal area in recent decades have put coastal systems under considerable stress. Coastal waters have been particularly affected. They constitute the first band of the marine system and,...


Talk on «L'Aigua en el Cinema» (Water in Films)
Talk given by Eduardo Torres-Dulce.Due to the Water Research Institute's interdisciplinary nature, one of its summer program initiatives was «L'aigua en el cinema» (Water in Films). This talk was given by Eduardo Torres-Dulce, a well-known film critic and a high court public prosecutor.The inspiration for this event was the numerous...


World Water Day 2010: talk given by Ph. Dr. Stephen Foster from the World Bank
Talk on «Urban Groundwater Use: Policy Issues in a Thirsty  World», given by Stephen  Foster, Groundwater Management Team Director (GW-MATE) at the World Bank.Academic event to mark World Water DayThe 22 March is World Water Day, established by the United Nations to raise public awareness of the need for the...


Call for Applications for 29 Grants from the UB Water Research Institute, 2010
Call for applications for 29 grants for UB students to participate in research and educational activities (attendance of conferences, workshops, temporary periods of research abroad, etc.) carried out during the academic year 2009-2010 (from 1 September 2009 to 30 September 2010). All activities must be related to the UB Water...


Closing ceremony of the university master’s degree 2009. Talk given by Benet Oliver-Rodés
On 26 November 2009, the UB Water Research Institute held the closing ceremony for the university master's degree «Water. Interdisciplinary Analysis and Sustainable Management». The event honoured Benet Oliver-Rodés, a long-standing academic from the Royal Academy of Pharmacy of Catalonia (RAFC) who holds a PhD in Pharmacy and a diploma...


Symposium 2009 «Water and Climate Change»
Global warming, which is the clearest sign of the new reality of climate change, intensifies the water cycle, as it leads to an increase in evaporation from a warmer surface. Water will play a crucial role in future climate and socioeconomic scenarios, as it is an essential resource and sometimes...

21/05/09 - 22/05/09

Symposium on Contamination and Monitoring in Sanitation Systems
The UB Water Research Institute and the Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation (AEAS) organized this symposium at the University of Barcelona.Organizers:Rafael MantecónSpanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation (AEAS)Montserrat FolchUB Water Research InstituteThe Symposium on Contamination and Monitoring in Sanitation Systems was attended by experts in this field,...


Symposium on Analytical Problems with Reclaimed Water
The Symposium on Analytical Problems with Reclaimed Water was organized in conjunction with the Catalan Water Agency (ACA).The main aim was to provide participants with theoretical and practical knowledge to solve the most common analytical problems with reclaimed water, such as that of parasites (nematodes).The Symposium was for all those...


Symposium «Water: Interdisciplinary Studies»
A year after it was officially founded in September 2008, the UB Water Research Institute organized a symposium in which numerous current problems were analysed, such as water quality and water as a resource. The symposium was made up of brief presentations. Complete versions of the papers were published in July...

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