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Daniele Pittalis
  • Orcid 0000-0003-4167-4362
  • Category Extern

Journal publications from Daniele Pittalis (17)

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Ghiglieri, Giorgio; Pistis, Marco; Abebe, Bekele; Azagegn, Tilahun; Engidasew, Tesfaye Asresahagne; Pittalis, Daniele; Soler, Albert; Barbieri, Manuela; Navarro-Ciurana, Didac; Carrey, Raul; Puig, Roger; Carletti, Alberto; Balia, Roberto; Haile, Tigistu (2020)

Three-dimensional hydrostratigraphical modelling supporting the evaluation of fluoride enrichment in groundwater: Lakes basin (Central Ethiopia)

Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies
Cossío, O.; Navarro-Ciurana, D.; Domènech, C.; Canals, A.; Barbieri, M.; Pittalis, D.; Soler, A.; Ghiglieri, G. (2019)

F-bearing sediments and rocks in the East African Rift: characterization and evaluation of F release capacity

MACLA. Revista de la Sociedad Española de Mineralogía
24, pp. 23 - 24
Biddau, R.; Cidu, R.; Da Pelo, S.; Carletti, A.; Ghiglieri, G.; Pittalis, D. (2018)

Source and fate of nitrate in contaminated groundwater systems: Assessing spatial and temporal variations by hydrogeochemistry and multiple stable isotope tools

Science of the Total Environment
Pittalis, D.; Carrey, R.; Da Pelo, S.; Carletti, A.; Biddau, R.; Cidu, R.; Celico, F.; Soler, A.; Ghiglieri, G. (2018)

Hydrogeological and multi-isotopic approach to define nitrate pollution and denitrification processes in a coastal aquifer (Sardinia, Italy)

Hydrogeology Journal
26 , 6, pp. 2021 - 2040
Petrella, E.; Bucci, A.; Ogata, K.; Zanini, A.; Naclerio, G.; Chelli, A.; Francese, R.; Boschetti, T.; Pittalis, D.; Celico, F. (2018)

Hydrodynamics in Evaporate-Bearing Fine-Grained Successions Investigated through an Interdisciplinary Approach: A Test Study in Southern Italy¿Hydrogeological Behaviour of Heterogeneous Low-Permeability Media

2018, p. 5978597
Biddau R.; Cidu R.; Ghiglieri G.; Da Pelo S.; Carletti A.; Pittalis D. (2017)

Nitrate occurrence in groundwater hosted in hard-rock aquifers: estimating background values at a regional scale

Italian Journal Of Geosciences
Ghiglieri G.; Carletti A.; Pittalis D. (2014)

Runoff coefficient and average yearly natural aquifer recharge assessment by physiography-based indirect methods for the island of Sardinia (Italy) and its NW area (Nurra)

Journal of Hydrology
519, pp. 1779 - 1791
Ghiglieri, G.; Carletti, A.; Da Pelo, S.; Cocco, F.; Funedda, A.; Loi, A.; Manta F.; Pittalis, D. (2016)

Three-dimensional hydrogeological reconstruction based on geological depositional model: A case study from the coastal plain of Arborea (Sardinia, Italy)

Engineering Geology
207, pp. 103 - 114
Pittalis, D; Carletti, A; Giglieri, G; Celico, F (2016)

The influence of hydrogeological properties, seawater intrusion and refreshening on the quality of groundwater used for irrigation in an agricultural coastal plain in North Sardinia, Italy

Environmental Earth Sciences
75 , 11, pp. 1 - 15
Ghiglieri G.; Balia R.; Oggiano G.; Pittalis D. (2010)

Prospecting for safe (low fluoride) groundwater in the Eastern African Rift: the Arumeru District (Northern Tanzania)

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
14, pp. 1081 - 1091
Ghiglieri G.; Carletti A.; Pittalis D. (2012)

Analysis of salinization processes in the coastal carbonate aquifer of Porto Torres (NW Sardinia, Italy)

Journal of Hydrology
432-433, pp. 43 - 51
Ghiglieri G.; Barbieri G.; Vernier A.; Carletti A.; Dore M.; Demurtas N.; Pinna R.; Pittalis D.; Vargiu M. (2008)

Vulnerabilità all'inquinamento degli acquiferi della Nurra di Alghero (SS) per la gestione integrata delle risorse idriche (Sardegna NW)

Ingegneria e Geologia degli Acquiferi IGEA
23, pp. 77 - 86
Ghiglieri G.; Pittalis D.; Cerri G.; Oggiano G. (2012)

Hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry of an alkaline volcanic area: the NE Mt. Meru slope (East African Rift - Northern Tanzania)

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
16, pp. 529 - 541
Ghiglieri G.; Barbieri G.; Vernier A.; Carletti A.; Pittalis D. (2010)

Sustainable water resources management to combat desertification in the Nurra region, northwestern Sardinia

Italian Journal Of Agronomy
3, pp. 7 - 14
Ghiglieri G.; Barbieri G.; Vernier A.; Carletti A.; Demurtas N.; Pinna R.; Pittalis D. (2009)

Potential risks of nitrate pollution in aquifers from agricultural practices in the Nurra region, northwestern Sardinia, Italy

Journal of Hydrology
379 , 3-4, pp. 339 - 350
Mura S.; Greppi G.; Roggero P.P.; Musu E.; Pittalis D.; Carletti A.; Ghiglieri G.; Joseph I. (2014)

Functionalized gold nanoparticles for the detection of nitrates in water

International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology
12, pp. 1021 - 1028
Sighicelli, M.; Iocola, I.; Pittalis, D.; Luglié, A.; Padedda, B. M.; Pulina, S.; Iannetta M.; Menicucci I.; Fiorani L.; Palucci, A. (2014)

An innovative and high-speed technology for seawater monitoring of Asinara Gulf (Sardinia-Italy)

Open Journal of Marine Science
4, pp. 31 - 41