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Daniel Gaspar Von Schiller Calle
  • Orcid 0000-0002-9493-3244
  • Category Contractat
  • Department Departament de Biologia Evolutiva, Ecologia i Ciències Ambientals
  • Faculty Facultat de Biologia

Journal publications from Daniel Gaspar Von Schiller Calle (90)

90 results found

Claudia Feijoo; Maite Arroita; María Laura Messetta; Julieta Anselmo; Laura Rigacci; Daniel von Schiller (2022)

Patterns and controls of carbon dioxide concentration and fluxes at the air-water interface in South American lowland streams

Aquatic Sciences - Research Across Boundaries
Ana Victoria Pérez-Calpe; Ioar de Guzman; Aitor Larrañaga; Daniel von Schiller; Arturo Elosegi (2022)

Organic matter processing on dry riverbeds is more reactive to water diversion and pollution than on wet channels

Frontiers In Environmental Science
9 , 817665
Davi Gasparini Fernandes Cunh; Wesley Aparecido Saltarelli; João Miguel Merces Bega; Nícolas Reinaldo Finkler; Murilo de Souza Ferreira; Tatiana Heid Furley; Daniel von Schiller; Walter K. Dodds (2022)

Assessing restoration of ecosystem functioning in Brazilian subtropical and tropical streams

Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin
de Guzman, I.; Altieri, P.; Elosegi, A.; Pérez-Calpe, A.V.; von Schiller, D.; González, J.M.; Brauns, M.; Montoya, J.M.; Larrañaga, A. (2022)

Water diversion and pollution interactively shape freshwater food webs through bottom-up mechanisms

Global Change Biology
28 , 3, pp. 859 - 876
José R. Paranaíba; Ralf Aben; Nathan Barros; Gabrielle Quadra; Annika Linkhorst; André M. Amado; Soren Brothers; Núria Catalán; Jason Condon; Colin M. Finlayson; Hans-Peter Grossart; Julia Howitt; Ernandes S. Oliveira Junior; Philipp S. Keller; Matthias K (2021)

Cross-continental importance of CH4 emissions from dry inland-waters

Science of the Total Environment
Anlanger, C.; Risse?Buhl, U.; von Schiller, D.; Noss, C.; Weitere, M.; Lorke, A. (2021)

Hydraulic and biological controls of biofilm nitrogen uptake in gravel-bed streams

Limnology and Oceanography
66 , 11, pp. 3887 - 3900
Arce, M. I.; Bengtsson, M. M.; von Schiller, D.; Zak, D.; Täumer, J.; Urich, T.; Singer, G. (2021)

Desiccation time and rainfall control gaseous carbon fluxes in an intermittent stream

155, pp. 381 - 400
Gómez-Gener, L.; Siebers, A.R.; Arce, M.I.; Arnon, S.; Bernal, S.; Bolpagni, R.; Datry, T.; Gionchetta, G.; Grossart, H.P.; Mendoza-Lera, M.; Pohl, V.; Risse Buhl, U.; Shumilova, O.; Tzoraki, O.; von Schiller, D.; Weigand, A.; Weigelhofer, G.; Zak, D.; Zo (2021)

Towards an improved understanding of biogeochemical processes across surface-groundwater interactions in intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams

Earth-Science Reviews
220 , 103724
Pérez-Calpe, A.V.; Larrañaga, A.; von Schiller, D.; Elosegi, A. (2021)

Interactive effects of discharge reduction and fine sediments on stream biofilm metabolism

PLoS One
16 , 2, p. e0246719
Ely DT; von Schiller D; Valett HM (2010)

Stream acidification increases nitrogen uptake by leaf biofilms: implications at the ecosystem scale

Freshwater Biology
55, pp. 1337 - 1348
Haggerty R; Martí E; Argerich A; von Schiller D; Grimm NB (2009)

Resazurin as a 'smart' tracer for quantifying metabolically active transient storage in stream ecosystems

Journal of Geophysical Research
114 , G03014, pp. 1 - 14
von Schiller, D.; Bernal, S.; Martí, E. (2011)

Technical Note: A comparison of two empirical approaches to estimate in-stream net nutrient uptake

8, pp. 875 - 882
von Schiller D; Acuña V; Graeber D; Martí E; Ribot M; Sabater S; Timoner X; Tockner K (2011)

Contraction; fragmentation and expansion dynamics determine nutrient availability in a Mediterranean forest stream

Aquatic Sciences - Research Across Boundaries
73, pp. 485 - 497
Dieter D; von Schiller D; García-Roger EM; Sánchez-Montoya MM; Gómez R; Mora Gómez J; Sangiorgio F; Gelbrecht J; Tockner K (2011)

Preconditioning effects of flow intermittency on leaf litter decomposition

Aquatic Sciences - Research Across Boundaries
73, pp. 599 - 609
Steward, A.L.; von Schiller, D.; Tockner, K.; Marshall, J.C.; Bunn, S.E. (2012)

When the river runs dry: human and ecological values of dry riverbeds

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment
10, pp. 202 - 209
Timoner X; Acuña V; von Schiller D; Sabater S (2012)

Functional responses of stream biofilms to flow cessation; desiccation and rewetting

Freshwater Biology
57, pp. 1565 - 1578
Graeber D; Gelbrecht J; Pusch M; Anlanger C; von Schiller D (2012)

Agriculture has changed the amount and composition of dissolved organic matter in Central European headwater streams

Science of the Total Environment
438, pp. 435 - 446
Mußmann M; Ribot M; von Schiller D; Merbt SN; Augspurger C; Karwautz C; Winkel M; Battin TJ; Martí M; Daims; H (2013)

Colonization of freshwater biofilms by nitrifying bacteria from activated sludge

FEMS Microbiology Ecology
85, pp. 105 - 115
Arce MI; von Schiller D; Gómez R (2014)

Variation in nitrate uptake and denitrification rates across a salinity gradient in Mediterranean semiarid streams

Aquatic Sciences - Research Across Boundaries
76, pp. 295 - 311
Aristi I; Arroita M; Larrañaga A; Ponsatí L; Sabater S; von Schiller D; Elosegi A; Acuña V (2014)

Flow regulation by dams affects ecosystem metabolism in Mediterranean rivers

Freshwater Biology
59, pp. 1816 - 1829