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Joan Dosta Parras
  • Orcid 0000-0001-7696-4867
  • Category Contractat
  • Department Departament d'Enginyeria Química i Química Analítica
  • Faculty Facultat de Química

Journal publications from Joan Dosta Parras (70)

70 results found

Serra-Toro, A.; Vinardell, S.; Astals, S.; Madurga, S.; Llorens, J.; Mata-Álvareza, J.; Mas, F.; Dosta, J. (2022)

Ammonia recovery from acidogenic fermentation effluents using a gas-permeable membrane contactor

Bioresource Technology
356, p. 127273
Vinardell, S.; Blandin, G.; Ferrari, F.; Lesage, G.; Mata-Álvarez, J.; Dosta, J.; Astals, S. (2022)

Techno-economic analysis of forward osmosis pre-concentration before an anaerobic membrane bioreactor: Impact of draw solute and membrane material

Journal Of Cleaner Production
356 , paper 131776
Vinardell, S.; Sanchez, L.; Astals, S.; Mata-Alvarez, J.; Dosta, J.; Heran, M.; Lesage, G. (2022)

Impact of permeate flux and gas sparging rate on membrane performance and process economics of granular anaerobic membrane bioreactors

Science of the Total Environment
Valentino, F.; Pavan, P.; Dosta, J. (2021)

Editorial: Biofuels and Bioproducts From Anaerobic Processes: Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors (AnMBRs)

Frontiers In Bioengineering And Biotechnology
9, pp. 1 - 2
Perez-Esteban, N.; Vinardell, S.; Vidal-Antich, C.; Peña-Picola, S.; Chimenos, J.M.; Peces, M.; Dosta, J.; Astals, S. (2022)

Potential of anaerobic co-fermentation in wastewater treatments plants: A review

Science of the Total Environment
813, p. 152498
Mata-Álvarez, J.; Dosta, J.; Astals, S. (2021)

Retos para una gestión óptima de los lodos de EDAR y de la codigestión

51, pp. 48 - 53
Vinardell, S.; Astals, S.; Koch, K.; Mata-Alvarez, J.; Dosta, J. (2021)

Co-digestion of sewage sludge and food waste in a wastewater treatment plant based on mainstream anaerobic membrane bioreactor technology: A techno-economic evaluation

Bioresource Technology
330, pp. 1 - 11
Vidal-Antich, C.; Perez-Esteban, N.; Astals, S.; Peces, M.; Mata-Alvarez, J.; Dosta, J. (2021)

Assessing the potential of waste activated sludge and food waste co-fermentation for carboxylic acids production

Science of the Total Environment
757, p. Article 143763
Astals, S.; Martínez-Martorell, M.; Huete-Hernández, S.; Aguilar-Pozo, V.B.; Dosta, J.; Chimenos, J.M. (2021)

Nitrogen recovery from pig slurry by struvite precipitation using a low-cost magnesium oxide

Science of the Total Environment
768, p. 144284
Fernández-Domínguez, D.; Astals, S.; Peces, M.; Frison, N.; Bolzonella, D.; Mata-Alvarez, J.; Dosta, J. (2020)

Volatile fatty acids production from biowaste at mechanical-biological treatment plants: Focusing on fermentation temperature

Bioresource Technology
314, p. Article 123729
Vinardell, S.; Dosta, J.; Mata-Alvarez, J.; Astals, S. (2021)

Unravelling the economics behind mainstream anaerobic membrane bioreactor application under different plant layouts

Bioresource Technology
319 , 124170
Vinardell, S.; Astals, S.; Jaramillo, M.; Mata-Alvarez, J.; Dosta, J. (2021)

Anaerobic membrane bioreactor performance at different wastewater pre-concentration factors: An experimental and economic study

Science of the Total Environment
750 , 141625
Vinardell, S.; Astals, S.; Peces, M.; Cardete, M.A.; Fernández, I.; Mata-Alvarez, J.; Dosta, J. (2020)

Advances in anaerobic membrane bioreactor technology for municipal wastewater treatment: A 2020 updated review

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
130, p. Article 109936
Peces, M.; Pozo, G.; Koch, K.; Dosta, J.; Astals, S. (2019)

Exploring the potential of co-fermenting sewage sludge and lipids in a resource recovery scenario

Bioresource Technology
300, p. 122561
Vinardell, S.; Astals, S.; Mata-Álvarez, J.; Dosta, J. (2019)

Techno-economic analysis of combining forward osmosis-reverse osmosis and anaerobic membrane bioreactor technologies for municipal wastewater treatment and water production

Bioresource Technology
297, p. 122395
Salmistraro, M.; Fernandez, I.; Dosta, J.; Plaza, E.; Mata, J. (2017)

Mainstream Deammonification: Preliminary Experience Employing Granular AOB-Enriched Biomass at Low DO Values

Water, Air, & Soil Pollution
228 , 5
Yen-Keong Cheah; Joan Dosta; Joan Mata-Álvarez (2019)

Enhancement of volatile fatty acids production from food waste by mature compost addition

24 , 16, p. 2986
Cheah, Y.K.; Vidal-Antich, C.; Dosta, J.; Mata-Álvarez, J. (2019)

Volatile fatty acid production from mesophilic acidogenic fermentation of organic fraction of municipal solid waste and food waste under acidic and alkaline pH

Environmental Science and Pollution Research
26 , 35, pp. 35509 - 35522
Mata-Álvarez, J.; Dosta, J.; Cheah, Y.K.; Vidal, C. (2018)

De residuos orgánicos a bio-productos de alto valor. El proyecto RES Urbis llega a la mitad de su vida

Revista Tècnica de Medi Ambient (RETEMA)
211, pp. 98 - 103
Cardete, M.A.; Mata-Álvarez, J.; Dosta, J.; Nieto-Sánchez, R. (2018)

Effect of the mixed liquor parameters on sludge settling for a petrochemical activated sludge system including an aerobic selector

Journal Of Environmental Chemical Engineering
6, pp. 1062 - 1071