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Joan Dosta Parras
  • Orcid 0000-0001-7696-4867
  • Category Contractat
  • Department Departament d'Enginyeria Química i Química Analítica
  • Faculty Facultat de Química

Thesis, minor thesis and research reports from Joan Dosta Parras (7)

7 results found

Sergi Vinardell Cruañas (2022)

Technical and economic evaluation of anaerobic membrane bioreactors for municipal wastewater treatment

Universitat de Barcelona
Carme Vidal Antich (2022)

Food waste and waste activated sludge conversion into volatile fatty acids to produce bioplastics

Universitat de Barcelona
Maria Alicia Cardete Garcia (2019)

Implementation of a selector for sludge settling enhancement in an activated sludge system treating petrochemical wastewater

Universitat de Barcelona
Xavier Fonoll Almansa (2015)

Strategies to improve anaerobic digestion of wastes with especial attention to lignocellulosic substrates

Universitat de Barcelona
Núria Basset Olivé (2015)

A contribution to resource recovery from wastewater. Anaerobic processes for organic matter and nitrogen treatment

Universitat de Barcelona
Sílvia López Palau (2012)

Biological granulation technology for wastewater treatment. Organic matter and nitrogen removal from high and low loaded effluents

Universitat de Barcelona
Joan Dosta Parras (2007)

Operation and model description of advanced biological nitrogen removal treatments of highly ammonium loaded wastewaters