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Elisenda Balleste Pau
  • Orcid 0000-0003-2523-8464
  • Category Contractat
  • Department Departament de Genètica, Microbiologia i Estadística
  • Faculty Facultat de Biologia

Journal publications from Elisenda Balleste Pau (31)

31 results found

De Castro-Fernández P.; Ballesté E.; Angulo-Preckler C.; Biggs J.; Avila C.; García-Aljaro C. (2023)

How does heat stress affect sponge microbiomes? Structure and resilience of microbial communities of marine sponges from different habitats.

Frontiers In Marine Science
9 , 1072696
Hongxia Liang; William P. de Haan; Marc Cerdà-Domènech; Javier Méndez; francisco lucena; Cristina García-Aljaro; Anna Sanchez-Vidal; Elisenda Balleste (2023)

Detection of faecal bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes in biofilms attached to plastics from human-impacted coastal areas

Environmental Pollution
319 , 120983
Ballesté, E.; Blanch, A.R.; Muniesa, M.; García-Aljaro, C.; Rodriguez-Rubio, L.; Martín-Díaz, J.; Pascual-Benito, M.; Jofre, J. (2022)

Bacteriophages in sewage: abundance, roles and applications

FEMS Microbes
3, p. xtac009
Méndez, J.; García-Aljaro, C.; Muniesa, M.; Pascual-Benito, M.; Ballesté, E.; López, P.; Monleón, A.; Blanch, A.R.; Lucena, F. (2022)

Modeling human pollution in water bodies using somatic coliphages and bacteriophages that infect Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron strain GA17

Journal of Environmental Management
301, p. 113802
Ballesté, E.; Blanch, A.R.; Mendez, J.; Sala-Comorera, L.; Maunula, L.; Monteiro, S.; Farnleitner, A.H.; Tiehm, A.; Jofre, J.; García-Aljaro, C. (2021)

Bacteriophages Are Good Estimators of Human Viruses Present in Water

Frontiers in Microbiology
12, pp. 1 - 9
Carrey, R.; Balleste, E.; Blanch, A.R.; Lucena, F.; Pons, P.; López, J.M.; Rull, M.; Sola, J.; Micola, N.; Fraile, J.; Garrido, T.; Munné, T.; Soler, A.; Otero, N. (2021)

Combining multi-isotopic and molecular source tracking methods to identify nitrate pollution sources in surface and groundwater

Water Research
188 , 1165437
Blanco-Picazo, P.; Roscales, G.; Toribio-Avedillo, D; Gómez-Gómez, C.; Avila, C.; Ballesté, E.; Muniesa, M.; Rodríguez-Rubio, L. (2020)

Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Phage Particles from Antarctic and Mediterranean Seawater Ecosystems

8(9) , 1293
Pascual-Benito,M.; Balleste,E.; Monleon-Getino,T.; Urmeneta,J.; Blanch,A.R.; Garcia-Aljaro,C.; Lucena,F. (2020)

Impact of treated sewage effluent on the bacterial community composition in an intermittent mediterranean stream

Environmental Pollution
266, p. 115254
Ballesté, E.; Demeter, K.; Masterson, B.; Timoneda, N.; Sala-Comorera, L.; Meijer W.G. (2020)

Implementation and integration of microbial source tracking in a river watershed monitoring plan

Science of the Total Environment
736, p. 139573
Pascual-Benito, M.; Nadal-Sala, D.; Tobella, M.; Ballesté, E.; García-Aljaro, C.; Sabaté, S.; Sabater, F.; Martí, E.; Gracia-Aljaro, C.; Blanch, A.R.; Lucena, F. (2020)

Modelling the seasonal impacts of a wastewater treatment plant on water quality in a Mediterranean stream using microbial indicators

Journal of Environmental Management
261, p. 110220
Ballesté, E.; Belanche-Muñoz, L.A.; Farnleitner, A.H.; Linke, R.; Sommer, R.; Santos, R.; Monteiro, S.; Maunula, L.; Oristo, S.; Tiehm A.; Stange, C.; Blanch, A.R. (2020)

Improving the identification of the source of faecal pollution in water using a modelling approach: From multi-source to aged and diluted samples

Water Research
171, p. 115392
Ballesté, E.; Pascual-Benito, M.;Martín-Díaz, J.; Blanch, A.R.; Lucena, F.; Muniesa, M, Jofre, J.; García-Aljaro, C. (2019)

Dynamics of crAssphage as a human source tracking marker in potentially faecally polluted environments

Water Research
155, pp. 233 - 244
Balleste,E.; Garcia-Aljaro,C.; Blanch,A.R. (2018)

Assessment of the decay rates of microbial source tracking molecular markers and faecal indicator bacteria from different sources

Journal of Applied Microbiology
125 , 6, pp. 1938 - 1949
Muniesa, M.; Ballesté, E.; Imamovic, L.; Pascual-Benito, M.; Toribio-Avedillo, D.; Lucena, L.; Blanch, A.R.; Jofre, J. (2018)

Bluephage: a rapid method for the detection of somatic coliphages used as indicators of fecal pollution in water

Water Research
128, pp. 10 - 19
Garcia-Aljaro, C.; Ballesté, E.;Muniesa, M.; Jofre, J (2017)

Determination of crAssphage in water samples and applicability for tracking human fecal pollution

Microbial Biotechnology
10 , 6, pp. 1775 - 1780
Yahya, M.; Blanch, A.R.; Meijer, W.G.; Antoniou, K; Hmaied, F.; Ballesté, E. (2017)

Comparison of the Performance of Different Microbial Source Tracking Markers among European and North African Regions

Journal of Environmental Quality
46 , 4, pp. 760 - 766
García-aljaro, C.; Ballesté, E.; Muniesa, M. (2017)

Beyond the canonical strategies of horizontal gene transfer in prokaryotes

Current Opinion in Microbiology
38, pp. 95 - 105
Imamovic, L.; Ballesté, E.; Martínez-Castillo, A.; García-Aljaro, C.; Muniesa, M. (2016)

Heterogeneity in phage induction enables the survival of the lysogenic population

Environmental Microbiology
18 , 3, pp. 957 - 969
Blanch, A.; Hispano, C.; Bultó, P.; Ballesté, E.; González-López, J.J.; Vilanova, X. (2009)

Comparison of bacterial populations in the water of various exhibition aquaria, in the intestinal flora of fish and in feed

Journal of Applied Microbiology
106 , 1, pp. 57 - 65
Layton, B.A.; Cao Y.; Ebentier D.L.; Hanley K.; Balleste, E.; Brandao, J.; Byappanahalli, M.; Converse, R.; Farnleitner, A.H.; Gentry-Shields, J.; Gidley, M.L.; Gourmelon, M.; Lee, C. S.; Lee, J.; Lozach, S.; Madi, T., Meijer, W.G.; Noble, R.; Peed, L.; R (2013)

Performance of human fecal anaerobe-associated PCR-based assays in a multi-laboratory method evaluation study

Water Research
47 , 18, pp. 6897 - 6908