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Clara Torrento Aguerri
  • Orcid 0000-0003-1480-2744
  • Category Contractat
  • Department Departament de Mineralogia, Petrologia i Geologia Aplicada
  • Faculty Facultat de Ciències de la Terra

Journal publications from Clara Torrento Aguerri (36)

36 results found

Soder-Walz, J.M.; Torrentó, C.; Algora, C.; Wasmund, K.; Cortés, P.; Soler, A.; Vicent, T.; Rosell, M.; Marco-Urrea, E. (2022)

Trichloromethane dechlorination by a novel Dehalobacter sp. strain 8M reveals a third contrasting C and Cl isotope fractionation pattern within this genus

Science of the Total Environment
813 , 152659, pp. 1 - 9
Torrentó, C.; Ponsin, V.; Lihl, C.; Hofstetter, T.B.; Baran, N.; Elsner, M.; Hunkeler, D. (2021)

Triple-Element Compound-Specific Stable Isotope Analysis (3D-CSIA): Added value of Cl isotope ratios to assess herbicide degradation

Environmental Science & Technology
55 , 20, pp. 13891 - 13901
Ghiglieri, G.; Buttau, C.; Arras, C.; Funedda, A.; Soler, A.; Barbieri, M.; Carrey, R.; Domènech, C.; Torrentó, C.; Otero, N.; Carletti, A. (2021)

Using a multi-disciplinary approach to characterize groundwater systems in arid and semi-arid environments: The case of Biskra and Batna regions (NE Algeria)

Science of the Total Environment
757, p. 143797
Lihl, C.; Heckel, B.; Grzybkowska, A.; Dybala-Defratyka, A.; Ponsin, V.; Torrentó, C.; Hunkeler, D.; Elsner, M. (2020)

Compound-specific chlorine isotope fractionation in biodegradation of atrazine

Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts
22 , 3, pp. 792 - 801
Melsbach, A., Torrentó, C.; Ponsin, V.; Bolotin, J.; Lachat, L.; Prasuhn, V.; Hofstetter, T.B.; Hunkeler, D.; Elsner, D. (2020)

Dual-Element Isotope Analysis of Desphenylchloridazon to Investigate its Environmental Fate in a Systematic Field Study-A Long-Term Lysimeter Experiment

Environmental Science & Technology
54 , 7, pp. 3929 - 3939
Ponsin, Violaine; Torrento, Clara; Lihl, Christina; Elsner, Martin; Hunkeler, Daniel (2019)

Compound-Specific Chlorine Isotope Analysis of the Herbicides Atrazine, Acetochlor, and Metolachlor

Analytical Chemistry
91 , 22, pp. 14290 - 14298
Torrento, Clara; Urmeneta, Jordi; Edwards, Katrina J.; Cama, Jordi (2012)

Characterization of Attachment and Growth of Thiobacillus denitrificans on Pyrite Surfaces

Geomicrobiology Journal
29 , 4, pp. 379 - 388
Vinyes-Nadal, M.; Navarro-Ciurana, D.; Torrentó, C.; Carrey, R.; Micola, N.; Garrido, T.; Munné, A.; Solà, J.; Soler, A.; Otero, N. (2019)

Herramientas multi-isotópicas para determinar el origen de la contaminación por nitratos en la provincia de Girona (Cataluña)

MACLA. Revista de la Sociedad Española de Mineralogía
24, pp. 119 - 120
Melsbach, Aileen; Ponsin, Violaine; Torrento, Clara; Lihl, Christina; Hofstetter, Thomas B.; Hunkeler, Daniel; Elsner, Martin (2019)

C-13- and N-15-Isotope Analysis of Desphenylchloridazon by Liquid Chromatography-Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectrometry and Derivatization Gas Chromatography-Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectrometry

Analytical Chemistry
91 , 5, pp. 3412 - 3420
Torrentó, C.; Bakkour, R.; Melsbach, A.; Lihl, C.; Ponsin, V.; Hofstetter, T.B.; Elsner, M.; Hunkeler, D. (2019)

Solid-phase extraction method for stable isotope analysis of pesticides from large volume environmental water samples

144, pp. 2898 - 2908
Grau-Martinez, Alba; Folch, Albert; Torrento, Clara; Valhondo, Cristina; Barba, Carme; Domenech, Cristina; Soler, Albert; Otero, Neus (2018)

Monitoring induced denitrification during managed aquifer recharge in an infiltration pond

Journal of Hydrology
561, pp. 123 - 135
Grau-Martínez, A.; Torrentó, C.; Carrey, R.; Soler, A.; Otero, N. (2019)

Isotopic evidence of nitrate degradation by a zero-valent iron permeable reactive barrier: Batch experiments and a field scale study

Journal of Hydrology
570, pp. 69 - 79
Rodríguez-Fernández, D.; Torrentó, C.; Palau, J.; Marchesi, M.; Soler, A.; Hunkeler, D.; Domènech, C.; Rosell, M. (2018)

Unravelling long-term source removal effects and chlorinated methanes natural attenuation processes by C and Cl stable isotopic patterns at a complex field site

Science of the Total Environment
645, pp. 286 - 296
Torrentó, C.; Cama, J. (2008)

Kinetics of pyrite oxidation and denitrification

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
72 , 12, pp. A952 - A952
Rodríguez-Fernández, D.; Heckel, B.; Torrento, C.; Meyer, A.; Elsner, M.; Hunkeler, D.; Soler, A.; Rosell, M.; Domenech, C. (2018)

Dual element (C-Cl) isotope approach to distinguish abiotic reactions of chlorinated methanes by Fe(0) and by Fe(II) on iron minerals at neutral and alkaline pH

206, pp. 447 - 456
Grau-Martínez, A.; Torrentó, C.; Audí-Miró, C.; Otero, N.; Soler, A. (2014)

Isotopic fractionation associated to nitrate reduction by zero valent iron

MACLA. Revista de la Sociedad Española de Mineralogía
19, pp. aa - zz
Acero, P.; Asta, M.P.; Torrentó, C.; Gimeno, M.J.; Auqué, L.F.; Gómez, J.B. (2011)

Metodologías y técnicas instrumentales para el estudio de sistemas de aguas ácidas

Boletín Geológico y Minero
122 , 2, pp. 187 - 202
Torrentó, C.; Bakkour, R.; Ryabenko, R.; Ponsin, V.; Prasuhn, V.; Hofstetter, T.B.; Elsner, M.; Hunkeler, D. (2015)

Fate of four herbicides in an irrigated field cropped with corn: lysimeter

Procedia Earth and Planetary Science
13, pp. 158 - 161
Torrentó, C.; Prasuhn, V.; Spiess, E.; Ponsin, V.; Bakkour, R.; Melsbach, A.; Lihl, C.; Glauser, G.; Hofstetter, T.B.; Elsner, M.; Hunkeler, D. (2017)

Adsorbing vs. nonadsorbing tracers for assessing pesticide transport in arable soils

Vadose Zone Journal
17 , 1, p. 170033
Rodríguez-Fernández, D.; Torrentó, C.; Guivernau, M.; Viñas, M.; Hunkeler, D.; Soler, A.; Domènech, C.; Rosell, M. (2018)

Vitamin B12 effects on chlorinated methanes-degrading microcosms: Dual isotope and metabolically active microbial populations assessment

Science of the Total Environment
621, pp. 1615 - 1625