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Maria Isabel Muñoz Gracia
  • Orcid 0000-0001-8110-9435
  • Category Catedràtic d'Universitat
  • Department Departament de Biologia Evolutiva, Ecologia i Ciències Ambientals
  • Faculty Facultat de Biologia

Participations in Conferences from Maria Isabel Muñoz Gracia (138)

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Arias-Real R., Muñoz, I., Gutierrez-Canovas, C., Granados, V., López, P., Menéndez M. (2019)

Microbial decomposition is higher in subsurface water during the flow intemittency

11 Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences
Zagreb, HRV
Muñoz, I.; de Castro-Català, N.; Bellin, A.; Borrego, C.; Dolédec, S.; Elosegi, A.; Kalogianni, E.; Paunovic, M.; Sabater, S. (2018)

Biodiversity and ecosystem changes to multiple pressures: from basin to experimental approach

Final Conference Globaqua European project
Barcelona, ESP
Arias del Real, R.; Menéndez, M.; Muñoz, I. (2019)

Effects of flow intermittence on species traits of invertebrate community in Mediterranean streams

Barcelona, ESP
Mor, J.R.; Dolédec, S.; Pereda, O.; Acuña, V.; Elosegi, A.; Mandaric, L.; Sabater, S.; Muñoz, I. (2018)

Identifying the joint effects of flow variability and urban wastewater on macroinvertebrate communities: a taxonomic and functional approach

Detroit, USA
Gonzalez-Trujillo, J.D.; Donato, J.C.; Muñoz, I.; Sabater, S. (2018)

Ecoregional features explain invertebrate diversity at local and regional scales in rivers from the Colombian Orinoco basin

Coimbra, PRT
Muñoz, I.; De Castro-Catala, N.; Bellin, A.; Borrego, C.; Kalogianni, E.; Paunovic, M.; Sabater, S. (2018)

Biodiversity responses to multiple stressors in three European basins: bacteria, algae, macrophytes, invertebrates and fish

Detroit, USA
De Castro-Catala, N.; Muñoz, I.; Kalogianni, E.; Karaouzas,I.; Vourka, K.; Smeti, E.; Vardakas, L.; Paunovic, M.; Borrego, C.; Petrovic, M.; Sabater, S.; Díaz, S.; Farré, M.; Monllor-Alcaraz, S.; Guillem-Argiles, N.; López de Alda, M.; Lutz, S.; Bellin, A (2018)

Biodiversity patterns in the Globaqua basins and their relationships with multiple stressors

Roma, ITA
Arias-Real, R.; Muñoz, I.; Menéndez, M. (2018)

Increased flow intermittency reduces aquatic hyphomycetes richness affecting leaf litter decomposition

XIX Conference of the Iberian Association of Limnology
Coimbra, PRT
De Castro-Catala, N.; Muñoz; I. (2016)

Changes in biodiversity responses to multiple stressors in three European basins

Olomouc, CZE
Mor, J.R.; Muñoz; I.; Acuña, V.; Elosegi, A.; Faba, A.; Mandaric, L.; Pereda, O.; Petrovic, M.; Sabater, S.; (2016)

Identifying the joint effects of flow intermittency and urban wastewater on Mediterranean stream communities

Olomouc, CZE
Abril, M.; Muñoz; I.; Margarita, M. (2016)

Leaf litter decomposition along the longitudinal profile of a temporary Mediterranean stream: spatial and seasonal variability

Olomouc, CZE
Mor, J.R.; Ruhi, A.; Tornés, E.; Valcarcel, H.; Muñoz; I.; Sabater, S. (2016)

Changes in food-web structure in response to river regulation

Olomouc, CZE
Pereda, O.; von Schiller, D.; Acuña, V.; Mor, J.R.; Muñoz; I.; Sabater, S.; Elosegi, A. (2016)

Assessing the interactive effects of urban pollution and water scarcity on the functioning of meditterranean stream ecosystems

Olomouc, CZE
Muñoz I.; López van Oosterom M. V.; Casas-Ruiz J.P.; López-Robles, M.A.; Núñez, A. (2016)

Analyzing future competition between native and non-native snail species in the lower Ebro River (NE Spain)

Olomouc, CZE
Arias del Real, R.; Muñoz, I.; Granados, V.; Menéndez, M. (2017)

Effects of flow in termittency on aquatic hyphomycetes assemblages in leaf litter, decomposition rates and feeding preferences of invertebrate consumers: a microcosm experiment

8th Conference on Plant Litter Processing in Freshwaters
Bilbao, ESP
Arias del Real, R.; Granados, V.; Muñoz, I.; Menéndez, M. (2017)

How intensity and frequency of flow intermittency affect organic matter decomposition in the surface and subsurface water in Mediterranean streams?

10th Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences
Olomouc, CZE
Arturo Elosegi; Olatz Pereda; Daniel von Schiller; Vicenç Acuña; Jordi René Mor; Isabel Muñoz; Mira Petrovic; Sergi Sabater (2016)

Subsidy-stress under multiple stressors: Interaction between water scarcity and point-source pollution on stream communities and ecosystem functioning

Society for freshwater science
Sacramento, USA
De Castro-Català, N.; Kuzmanovic, M.; Ginebreda, A.; Barata, C.; Muñoz, I. (2016)

The application of the weight of evidence approach as an integrative tool for ecotoxicological risk assessment in Iberian rivers

Nantes, BEL
Kuzmanovic, M.; Doledec, S.; De Castro-Català, N.; Ginebreda, A .; Sabater, S.; Muñoz, I.; Barceló, D. (2016)

Effects of multiple stressors on macroinvetebrates in four Iberian river basins

Nantes, BEL
Jordi-René Mor; Albert Ruhí; Elisabet Tornés; Hector Valcarcel; Isabel Muñoz; Sergi Sabater (2016)

Stream food web changes according to altered hydrological conditions

XVIII Comgreso de la Asociación Ibérica de Limnología
Tortosa, ESP