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Javier Ubeda Cartaña
  • Orcid 0000-0002-0384-8563
  • Category Catedràtic d'Universitat
  • Department Departament de Geografia
  • Faculty Facultat de Geografia i Història

Journal publications from Javier Ubeda Cartaña (86)

86 results found

Rueda Palenzuela, S.; Santasusagna Riu, A.; Cormenzana Izquierdo, B.; Tort Donada, J.; Úbeda Cartañà, X. (2022)

Understanding Urban complexity via the spatial diversity of activities: an application to Barcelona (Spain)

3 , 14, pp. 1 - 12
Farguell, J.; Úbeda, X.; Pacheco, E. (2022)

Shrub removal effects on runoff and sediment transport in a mediterranean experimental catchment (Vernegà River, NE Spain)

210, pp. 1 - 15
Cerdà, A.; Lucas-Borja, M.; Franch-Pardo, I.; Úbeda, X.; Novara, A.; López-Vicente, M.; Popovic,, Z.; Pulido, M. (2021)

The role of plant species on runoff and soil erosion in a Mediterranean shrubland

Science of the Total Environment
799 , 149218, pp. 1 - 11
Francos, M.; Úbeda, X. (2021)

Prescribed fire management

Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health
21 , 100250, pp. 1 - 6
Xifré, M. A.; Prat-Guitart, N.; Francos, M.; Úbeda, X.; Castellnou, M. (2021)

Effects of Fire on the Organic and Chemical Properties of Soil in a Pinus halepensis Mill. Forest in Rocallaura, NE Spain

13 , 9, pp. 1 - 13
Úbeda, X.; Francos, M.; Eguzkiza, P.; Stefanuto, E (2021)

Soil and grapevine leaf quality in organic vineyards of different ages in DO Rioja-Alavesa, northern Spain

Spanish Journal Of Soil Science
11 , 1, pp. 6 - 21
Santasusagna, A; Úbeda, X (2021)

Urban interfaces: Combining social and ecological approaches

Science of the Total Environment
772 , 145625
Cerdà, A.; Novara, A.; Dlapa, P.; López-Vicenta, M.; Úbeda, X.; Popovic, Z.; Mekonnen, M.; Terol, E.; Anizadeh, S.; Mbarki, S.; Saldanhavogelmann, E.; Hazrati, S.; Sannigrahi, S.; Parhizkar, M.; Giménez-Morera, A. (2021)

Rainfall and water yield in macizo del Caroig, eastern Iberian Peninsula. Event runoff at plot scale during a rare flashflood at the barranco de Benacancil

Cuadernos de Investigación Geográfica
Batalla, R. J.; Vericat, D.; Farguell, J.; Úbeda, X.; García, C. (2020)

Processos hidrològics i geomorfològics als rius: context i exemples per a interpretar la seva resposta a episodis d'alta magnitud com el Glòria

Treballs de la Societat Catalana de Geografia
89, pp. 55 - 87
Xifré-Salvadó, M. A.; Prat-Guitart, N.; Francos, M.; Úbeda, X.; Castellnou, M. (2020)

Smouldering combustion dynamics of a soil from a Pinus halepensis Mill. forest. A case study of the Rocallaura fires in Northeastern Spain

Applied Sciences
10 , 10
Rodríguez-Carreras, R.; Úbeda, X.; Francos, M.; Marco, C. (2020)

After the wildfires: the processes of social learning of forest owners' associations in central Catalonia, Spain

12 , 15
Alcañiz, M:, Úbeda, X.; Cerdà, A (2020)

A 13-year approach to understand the Effect of prescribed fires and livestock grazing on soil chemical properties in Tivissa, NE Iberian Peninsula

11 , 9
D. Peña-Angulo; E. Nadal-Romero; J.C. González-Hidalgo; J. Albaladejo; V. Andreu; H. Bahri; S. Bernal; M. Biddoccu; R. Bienes; J. Campo; M.A. Campo-Bescós; A. Canatário-Duarte; Y. Cantón; J. Casali; V. Castillo; E. Cavallo; A. Cerdà; P. Cid; N. Cortesi; G (2020)

Relationship of weather types on the seasonal and spatial variability of rainfall, runoff and sediment yield in the western Mediterranean basin

11 , 6
Francos, M.; Úbeda, X.; Pereira, P.; (2020)

Impact of bonfires on soil properties in an urban park in Vilnius (Lithuania)

Environmental Research
181 , 108895, pp. 1 - 12
Úbeda, X.; Farguell, J.; Francos, M.; Outeiro, L.; Pacheco, E. (2020)

Runoff and erosion generation by simulated rainfall in a Mediterranean forest with forest management

Revista Chapingo Serie Ciencias Forestales y del Ambiente
26 , 1, pp. 37 - 51
Francos, M.; Pereira, P.; Úbeda, X. (2019)

Effect of pre- and post-wildfire management practices on plant recovery after a wildfire in Northeast Iberian Peninsula

Journal Of Forestry Research
pp. 1 - 15
Francos, M.; Pereira, P.; Úbeda, X. (2019)

Mapping impact of intense rainfall on a high-severity burned area using principal component analysis

Cuadernos de Investigación Geográfica
45 , 2, pp. 601 - 621
Francos, M.; Stefanuto, E.B.; Úbeda, X.; Pereira, P. (2019)

Long-term impact of prescribed fire on soil chemical properties in a wildland-urban interface. Northeastern Iberian Peninsula

Science of the Total Environment
689, pp. 305 - 311
Francos, M.; Úbeda, X.; Pereira, P. (2019)

Impact of torrential rainfall and salvage logging on post-wildfire soil properties in NE Iberian Peninsula

177, pp. 210 - 218
Úbeda, X.; Alcañiz, M.; Borges, G.; Outeiro, L.; Francos, M. (2019)

Soil quality of abandoned agricultural terraces managed with prescribed fires and livestock in the municipality of Capafonts, Catalonia, Spain (2000-2017)

9 , 6, p. 340