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Jose Luis Araus Ortega
  • Orcid 0000-0002-8866-2388
  • Category Catedràtic d'Universitat
  • Department Departament de Biologia Evolutiva, Ecologia i Ciències Ambientals
  • Faculty Facultat de Biologia

Journal publications from Jose Luis Araus Ortega (274)

274 results found

Lopes M., Araus J.L. . (2008)

Comparative genomic and physiological analysis of nutrient response to NH4+, NH4+:NO3- and NO3- in barley seedlings

Physiologia Plantarum
Molero, G.; Aranjuelo, I.; Teixidor, P.; Araus, J.L.; Nogués, S. (2011)

Measurement of 13C and 15N isotope labeling by Gas Chromatography-Combustion-Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry to study amino acid fluxes in a plant - microbe symbiotic association.

Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry
25, pp. 599 - 607
Cabrera-Bosquet, LL.; Albrizio, R.; Nogués, S.; Araus, J.L. (2011)

Dual ?13C/?18O response to water and nitrogen availability and its relationship with yield in field-grown durum wheat

Plant Cell and Environment
10, pp. 418 - 433
Cabrera-Bosquet, LL.; Araus, J.L.; Molero, G.; Nogués, S. (2009)

Water and nitrogen conditions affect the relationship of d13C and d18O with gas exchange and growth in durum wheat

Journal of Experimental Botany
60, pp. 1633 - 1644
Serret, M.D., Ortiz-Monasterio, I., Pardo, A., Araus, J.L. (2008)

The effect of urea fertilization and genotype on yield, NUE, ?15N and ?13C in wheat

Annals of Applied Biology
153, pp. 243 - 257
Bari, A.; Belkassem, B.; Sikaoui, H.; Araus, J.; Martin, A.; González-Andujar, J.L.; Al-Ibrahem, A.; Talal, A.; Hadjhasan, A. (2008)

Assessing olive diversity for root traits associated with WUE

Options Méditerranéennes. Série études
Xu, Y.; Skinner, D.J.; Wu, H.; Palacios-Rojas, N.; Araus, J.L.; Yan, J.; Gao, S.; Warburton, M.L.; Crouch, J.H. (2009)

Advances in maize genomics and their value for enhancing gains from molecular breeding

International Journal of Plant Genomics
Bernard, S.M.; Blom Møller, A.L.; Dionisio, G.; Kichey, T.; Jahn, T.P.; Dubois, F.; Baudo, M.; Lopes, M.S.; Tercé-Laforgue, T.; Foyer, C.H.; Parry M.; Forde, B.G.; Araus, J.L.; Hirel, B.; Schjoerring, J. K.; Habash, D.Z. (2008)

Gene expression, cellular localisation and function of glutamine synthetase isozymes in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Plant Molecular Biology
Aguilera, M.; Araus, J.L.; Voltas, J.; Rodriguez-Ariza, M.O.; Molina, F.; Rovira, N.; Buxó, R.; Ferrio, J.P. (2008)

Stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes and quality traits of fossil cereal grains provide clues on sustainability at the beginnings of Mediterranean agriculture

Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry
Maccaferri M., Sanguineti M.C., Corneti S., Araus J.L., Ben Salem M., Bort J., DeAmbrogio E., Garcia del Moral L., Demontis A., El-Ahmed A., Elouafi I., Maalouf F., Machlab H., Martos V., Nachit M.N., Nserallah N., Ouabbou H., Royo C., Slama A., Villegas (2008)

Quantitative Trait Loci for Grain Yield and Adaptation of Durum Wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) Across a Wide Range of Water Availability

178, pp. 489 - 511
Comadran, J.; Russell, J.R.; van Eeuwijk, F.A.; Ceccarelli, S.; Grando, S.; Baum, M.; Stanca, A.M.; Pecchioni, N.; Mastrangelo, A.M.; Akar, T.; Al-Yassin, A.; Benbelkacem, A.; Choumane, W.; Ouabbou, H.; Dahan, R.; Bort, J., Araus, J.L., Pswarayi, A., Roma (2008)

Mapping adaptation of barley to droughted environments

161, pp. 35 - 45
Ferrio, J.P.; Arab, G.; Bort, R.; Buxó, R.; Molist, M.; Voltas, J.; Araus J.L. (2007)

Land use changes and crop productivity in early agriculture: comparison with current conditions in the mid-Euphrates valley

Options Méditerranéennes. Série études
59, pp. 167 - 174
Marti, J.; Bort, J.; Slafer, G.; Araus J.L. (2007)

Can wheat yield be assessed by early measurements of NDVI?

Annals of Applied Biology
150 , 2, pp. 253 - 257
Tuberosa, R.; Giuliani, S.; Parry, M.A.J.; Araus J.L. (2007)

Improving water use efficiency in Mediterranean agriculture: what limits the adoption of new technologies?

Annals of Applied Biology
150, pp. 157 - 162
Casadesus, J.; Kaya, Y.; Bort, J.; Nachit, M.M.; Araus, J.L.; Amor, S.; Ferrazzano, G.; Maalouf, F.; Maccaferri, M.; Martos, V.; Ouabbou, H.; Villegas,D. (2007)

Using vegetation indices derived from conventional digital cameras as selection criteria for wheat breeding in water-limited environments

Annals of Applied Biology
150 , 2, pp. 227 - 236
Ferrio, J.P.; Mateo, M.A.; Bort, J.; Abdalla, O.; Voltas, J.; Araus J.L. (2007)

Relationships of grain 13C and 18O with wheat phenology and yield under water-limited conditions

Annals of Applied Biology
150 , 2, pp. 207 - 215
Tambussi, E.A.; Bort J.; Araus JL (2007)

Water use efficiency in C3 cereals under Mediterranean conditions: a review of physiological aspects

Annals of Applied Biology
150 , 3, pp. 307 - 321
Tambussi, E.A.; Bort, J.; Guiamet, J.J.; Nogués, S.; Araus, J.L. (2007)

The photosynthetic role of ears in C3 cereals: metabolism, water use efficiency and contribution to grain yield

Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences
26 , 1, pp. 1 - 16
Araus J.L.; Ferrio J.P.; Buxó R.; Voltas J. (2007)

The historical perspective of dryland agriculture: Lessons learned from 10,000 years of wheat cultivation.

Journal of Experimental Botany
58, pp. 131 - 145
Ferrio, J.P.; Voltas, J.; Buxó, R.; Araus, J.L. (2006)

Isótopos estables aplicados al studio de los sistemas paleoagrícolas mediterráneos

año XV , 1(enero-abril)