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Jose Luis Araus Ortega
  • Orcid 0000-0002-8866-2388
  • Category Catedràtic d'Universitat
  • Department Departament de Biologia Evolutiva, Ecologia i Ciències Ambientals
  • Faculty Facultat de Biologia

Journal publications from Jose Luis Araus Ortega (274)

274 results found

Segarra, J.; Araus, J.L.; Kefauver, S.C. (2022)

Farming and Earth Observation: Sentinel-2 data to estimate within-field wheat grain yield

International Journal Of Applied Earth Observation And Geoinformation
Rezzouk, F.Z.; Gracia-Romero, A.; Kefauver, S.C.; Nieto-Taladriz, M.T.; Serret, M.D.; Araus, J.L. (2022)

Durum wheat ideotypes in Mediterranean environments differing in water and temperature conditions. Agricultural Water Management

Agricultural Water Management
259 , 107257
Ben-Jabeur, M.; Gracia-Romero, A.; López-Cristoffanini, C.; Vicente, R.; Kthiri, Z.; Kefauver, S.C.; Lopez-Carbonell, M.; Serret, M.D.; Araus, J.L.; Hamada, W. (2021)

The promising MultispeQ device for tracing the effect of seed coating with biostimulants on growth promotion, photosynthetic state and water-nutrient stress tolerance in durum wheat.

Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration
6 , 8
Chang-Espino, M.; González-Fernández, I.; Alonso, R.; Araus, J.L.; Bermejo-Bermejo, V. (2021)

The Effect of Increased Ozone Levels on the Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Signature of Wheat Cultivars and Landraces.

12 , 883
de Lima, V.J.; Gracia-Romero, A.; Rezzouk, F.Z.; Diez-Fraile, M.C.; Araus-Gonzalez, I.; Kamphorst, S.H.; Teixeira do Amaral Júnior, A.; Kefauver, S.C.; Aparicio, N.; Araus, J.L. (2021)

Comparative performance of high-yielding European wheat cultivars under contrasting Mediterranean conditions.

Frontiers in Plant Science
12 , 687622
Vatter, T.; Gracia-Romero, A.; Kefauver, S.C.; Nieto, M.T. Taladriz.; Aparicio Gutiérrez, N.; Araus, J.L. (2021)

Preharvest phenotypic prediction of grain quality and yield of durum wheat using multispectral imaging.

Plant Journal
Araus, J.L.; Kefauver, S.C.; Vergara Díaz, O.; Gracia-Romero, A.; Rezzouk, F.Z.; Segarra, J.; Buchaillot, M.L.; Chang-Espino, M.; Vatter, T.; Sanchez-Bragado, R.; Fernandez Gallego, J.A.; Serret, M.D.; Bort, J. (2021)

Crop phenotyping in a context of Global Change: what to measure and how to do it.

Journal of Integrative Plant Biology
Tambussi, E.A.; Maydup, M.L.; Carrión, C.A.; Guiamet, J.J.; Araus, J.L. (2021)

Ear photosynthesis in C3 cereals and its contribution to grain yield: methodologies, controversies, and perspectives.

Journal of Experimental Botany
72, pp. 3956 - 3970
Araus, J.L.; Vicente, R.,; Sanchez-Bragado, R.. (2021)

Improving crop yield and resilience through photosynthesis optimisation: panacea or pipe dream.

Journal of Experimental Botany
72, pp. 3936 - 3955
Kthiri, Z.; Ben Jabeur, M.; Harbaoui, K.; Chahine, K.; Chamekh, Z.; Chairi, F.; Serret, M.D.; Araus, J.L.; Hamada, W. (2021)

Comparative performances of beneficial microorganisms on the induction of durum wheat tolerance to Fusarium head blight.

Kamphorst, S.H.; Teixira do Amaral Junior, A.; Vergara-Díaz, O.; Gracia-Romero, A.; Fernández-Gallego, J.A.; Chang-Espino, M.C.; Buchaillot, M.L.; Rezzouk, F.Z.; Jario de Lima, V.; Serret, M.D.; Araus, J.L. (2021)

Heterosis and reciprocal effects for physiological and morphological traits of popcorn plants under different water conditions

Agricultural Water Management
261 , 107371
Ben-Jabeur, M.; Chamekh, Z.; Jallouli, S.; Ayadi, S.; Serret, M.D.; Araus, J.L.; Trifa, Y.; Hamada, W. (2021)

Comparative effect of seed treatment with thyme essential oil and Paraburkholderia phytofirmans on growth, photosynthetic capacity, grain yield, ?15N and ?13C of durum wheat under drought and heat stress

Annals of Applied Biology
pp. 1 - 12
Rezzouk, F.Z.; Gracia-Romero, A.; Kefauver, S.C.; Nieto-Taladriz, M.T.; Serret, M.D.; Araus, J.L. (2022)

Dataset of above and below ground traits assessed in Durum wheat cultivars grown under Mediterranean environments differing in water and temperature conditions

Data in Brief
Caldelas, C.; Gurí, R.; Araus, J.L.; Sorolla, A. (2021)

Effect of ZnO nanoparticles on Zn, Cu, and Pb dissolution in a green bioretention system for urban stormwater remediation.

282, p. 131045
Araus, J.L.; Rezzouk, F.Z.; Thushar, S.; Shahid, M,; Elouafi, I.A.; Bort, J.; Serret, M.D. (2021)

Effect of irrigation salinity and ecotype on the growth, physiological indicators and seed yield and quality of Salicornia europaea

Plant Science
304, p. 110819
Ben Mariem, S.; Gámez, A.L.; Larraya, L.; Fuertes-Mendizabal, T.; Cañameras, N.; Araus, J.L.; McGrath, S.P.; Hawkesford, M.J.; Gonzalez Murua, C.; Gaudeul, M.; Medina, L.; Paton, A.; Cattivelli, L.; Fangmeier, A.; Bunce, B.; Tausz-Posch, S.; Macdonald, A. (2020)

Assessing the evolution of wheat grain traits during the last 166 years using archived samples

Scientific Reports
10 , 1, p. 21828
Vergara-Díaz, O.; Kefauver, S.; Araus, J.L.; Aranjuelo, I. (2020)

Development of novel technological approaches for a reliable crop characterization under changing environmental conditions.

NIR news
31 , 7-8, pp. 14 - 19
Sanchez Bragado, R.; Kim, J.; Alma Rivera-Amado, C.; Molero, G.; Araus, J.L.; Savin, R.; Slafer, G.A. . (2020)

Are awns truly relevant for wheat yields? A study of performance of awned/awnless isogenic lines and their response to source-sink manipulations.

Field Crops Research
254, p. 107827
Sadras V.O.; Fereres E.; Borrás L.; Garzo E.; Moreno A.; Araus J.L.; Fereres A. (2020)

Aphid resistance: an overlooked ecological dimension of nonstructural carbohydrates in cereals.

Frontiers in Plant Science
Krajnc, B.; Bontempo, L.; Araus Ortega, J.L.; Giovanetti, M.; Alegria, C.; Lauteri, M.; Augusti, A.; Atti, N.: Smeti, S.; Taous, F.; Amenzou, N.E.; Podgornik, M.; Camin, F.; Reisi, P.; Máguasd C.; Bu?ar Miklav?i?, M.; Ogrinc, N. (2020)

Selective methods to investigate authenticity and geographical origin of Mediterranean food products. Food Reviews International, 2020, p. 1-27.

Food Reviews International
10.1080/8755912, pp. 1 - 27