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Jaime Gimenez Farreras
  • Orcid 0000-0002-2213-9041
  • Category Catedràtic d'Universitat
  • Department Departament d'Enginyeria Química i Química Analítica
  • Faculty Facultat de Química

Journal publications from Jaime Gimenez Farreras (101)

101 results found

Bernardí Bayarri; Jaime Giménez; David Curcó; Santiago Esplugas (2021)

Absorbed radiation and kinetic model in photocatalysis by TiO2

International Journal Of Chemical Reactor Engineering
20 , 1, pp. 3 - 15
López-Vinent, N.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Lai, C.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S.; Sans, C. (2021)

Role of sunlight and oxygen on the performance of photo-Fenton process at near neutral pH using organic fertilizers as iron chelates

Science of the Total Environment
803, p. 149873
Cruz-Alcalde, A.; López-Vinent, L.; Ribeiro, R.S.; Giménez, J.; Sans, C.; Silva, A.M.T. (2021)

Persulfate activation by reduced graphene oxide membranes: Practical and mechanistic insights concerning organic pollutants abatement

Chemical Engineering Journal
427 , 130994
López-Vinent, N.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S. (2021)

Mixtures of chelating agents to enhance photo-Fenton process at natural pH: Influence of wastewater matrix on micropollutant removal and bacterial inactivation

Science of the Total Environment
786, p. 147416
López-Vinent, N.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S.; Sans, C. (2021)

Improvement of the photo-Fenton process at natural condition of pH using organic fertilizers mixtures: Potential application to agricultural reuse of wastewater

Applied Catalysis B-Environmental
290, p. 120066
Pereira Cavalcante, R.; Martins de Oliveira, D.; de Melo da Silva, L.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S.; de Oliveira, S.C.; Falcao Dantas, R.; Sans, C.; Machulek Jr, A. (2021)

Evaluation of the main active species involved in the TiO2 photocatalytic degradation of ametryn herbicide and its by-products

Journal Of Environmental Chemical Engineering
9(2) , 105109
Lopez-Vinent, N.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Ganiyu, S.O.; Sable, S.; Messele, S.A.; Lillico, D.; Stafford, J.; Sans, C.; Gimenez, J.; Esplugas, S.: Gamal El-Din, M. (2021)

Coagulation-flocculation followed by catalytic ozonation processes for enhanced primary treatment during wet weather conditions

Journal of Environmental Management
283, p. 111975
Haranaka-Funai, Daniel; Didier, Florian; Gimenez, Jaime; Marco, Pilar; Esplugas, Santiago; Machulek-Junior, Amilcar (2017)

Photocatalytic treatment of valproic acid sodium salt with TiO2 in different experimental devices: An economic and energetic comparison

Chemical Engineering Journal
327, pp. 656 - 665
Lopez-Vinent, N.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Malvestiti, J.; Marco, P.; Gimenez, J.; Esplugas, S. (2020)

Organic fertilizer as a chelating agent in photo-Fenton at neutral pH with LEDs for agricultural wastewater reuse: Micropollutant abatement and bacterial inactivation

Chemical Engineering Journal
388 , 124246
Baraza, X.; Pey, A.; Gimenez, J. (2020)

The self-sustaining decomposition of ammonium nitrate fertiliser: Case study, Escombreras valley, Spain

Journal of Hazardous Materials
387, p. 121674
Lopez-Vinent, N.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Gutiérrez, C.; Marco, P.; Gimenez, J.; Esplugas, S. (2020)

Micropollutant removal in real WW by photo-Fenton (circumneutral and acid pH) with BLB and LED lamps

Chemical Engineering Journal
Lopez-Vinent, N.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Romero, L. E.; Chavez, M. E.; Marco, P.; Gimenez, J.; Esplugas, S. (2019)

Synergies, radiation and kinetics in photo-Fenton process with UVA-LEDs

Journal of Hazardous Materials
Bertagna, D.; Cruz-Alcalde, A.; Sans, C.; Gimenez, J.; Esplugas, S. (2019)

Performance and kinetic modelling of photolytic and photocatalytic ozonation for enhanced micropollutants removal in municipal wastewaters

Applied Catalysis B-Environmental
249, pp. 211 - 217
López, N.; Marco, P.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S. (2018)

Photocatalytic diphenhydramine degradation under different radiation sources: Kinetic studies and energetic comparison

Applied Catalysis B-Environmental
220, pp. 497 - 505
López, N; Plaza, S; Afkhami, A; Marco, P; Giménez, J; Esplugas, S. (2017)

Treatment of Diphenhydramine with diferent AOPs including photo-Fenton at circumneutral pH.

Chemical Engineering Journal
318 , 15, pp. 112 - 120
Cruells, M.; Roca, A.; Escaja, N.; Fernández, J.; Garrido, J.A.; Giménez, J.; Llauradó, M.; Rodríguez, L.; Bernad, J.O.; Escobar, C.; López, N.; Sagristà, M.Ll.; Navarro, C.; Companyó, R.(In memoriam). (2017)

The Surveys to the Companies: A Tool for the Improvement of Degrees

Journal of Technology and Science Education
7 , 1, pp. 80 - 99
Bezerra, P.; Cavalcante, R.; Garcia, A.; Wender, H.; Martines, M.; Casagrande, G.; Giménez, J.; Marco, P.; Oliveira, S.; Machulek Jr, A. (2017)

Synthesis, Characterization, and Photocatalytic Activity of Pure and N-, B-, or Ag- Doped TiO2

Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
28 , 9, pp. 1788 - 1802
Haranaka-Funai, D.; Didier, F.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S.; Marco, P.; Machulek Jr., A. (2017)

Photo-Fenton treatment of valproate under UVC, UVA and simulated solar radiation

Journal of Hazardous Materials
323, pp. 537 - 549
Pereira, R.; Dantas, R.F.; Bayarri, B.; González, O.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S.; Machulek Jr., A. (2016)

Photocatalytic mechanism of metoprolol oxidation by photocatalysts TiO2 and TiO2 doped with 5% B: Primary active species and intermediates

Applied Catalysis B-Environmental
194, pp. 111 - 122
Romero, V.; Acevedo, S.; Marco, P.; Giménez, J.; Esplugas, S. (2016)

Enhancement of Fenton and photo-Fenton processes at initial circumneutral pH for the degradation of the ?-blocker metoprolol

Water Research
88, pp. 449 - 457