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Alberto Casas Ponsati
  • Orcid 0000-0002-4964-1226
  • Category Contractat
  • Department Departament de Mineralogia, Petrologia i Geologia Aplicada
  • Faculty Facultat de Ciències de la Terra

Journal publications from Alberto Casas Ponsati (125)

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Chafouq, D.; El Mandour, A.; Elgettafi, M.; Himi, M.; Chouikri, I.; Casas, A. (2018)

Hydrochemical and isotopic characterization of groundwater in the Ghis-Nekor plain (northern Morocco)

Journal of African Earth Sciences
139, pp. 1 - 13
Benabdelouahab, S.; Salhi, A.; Himi, M.; Stitou El Messaria, J.E.; Casas, A.; Mesmoudi, H.; Benabdelfadel, A. (2018)

Using resistivity methods to characterize the geometry and assess groundwater vulnerability of a Moroccan coastal aquifer

Groundwater for Sustainable Development
7, pp. 293 - 304
Casas, A.; Cosentino, P.L.; Fiandaca, G.; Himi, M.; Macias, J.M.; Martorana, R.; Muñoz, A.; Rivero, L.; Sala, R.; Teixell, I. (2018)

Non-invasive Geophysical Surveys in Search of the Roman Temple of Augustus Under the Cathedral of Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain): A Case Study

Surveys in Geophysics
39 , 6, pp. 1107 - 1124
Karroum, M.; Elgettafi, M.; Elmandour, A.; Wilske. C.; Himi, M.; Casas, A. (2017)

Geochemical processes controlling groundwater quality under semi arid environment: A case study in central Morocco

Science of the Total Environment
609, pp. 1140 - 1151
Himi, M.; Tapias, J.; Benabdelouahab, S.; Salhi, A.; Rivero, L.; Elgetta?, M.; El Mandour, A.; Stitou, J.; Casas, A. (2017)

Geophysical characterization of saltwater intrusion in a coastal aquifer: The case of Martil-Alila plain (North Morocco).

Journal of African Earth Sciences
126, pp. 136 - 147
Guimera, J.; Rivero, L.; Salas, R.; Casas, A. (2016)

Moho depth inferred from gravity and topography in an intraplate area (Iberian Chain)

666, pp. 134 - 143
Santolaria, P.; Casas, A.M.; Soto, R.; Casas, A. (2017)

Gravity modelling to assess salt tectonics in the western end of the South Pyrenean Central Unit

Journal of the Geological Society
174 , 2, pp. 269 - 288
Ranieri, G.; Godio, A.; Loddo, F.; Stocco, S.; Casas, A.; Capizzi, P.; Messinad, P.; Orfila, M.; Cau, A.; Chávez, M.E. (2016)

Geophysical prospection of the Roman city of Pollentia, Alcúdia (Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain)

Journal of Applied Geophysics
134, pp. 125 - 135
Himi, M.; Armendariz, A.; Teira, L.; González, J.; Ibáñez, J.J.; Haïdar-Boustan, M.; Casas, A. (2016)

Geophysical and Archaeological Evidences of Buried Epipalaeolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age and Roman Architecture in West-Central Syria

Archaeological Prospection
23, pp. 273 - 285
Himi, M.; Pérez-Gracia, V.; Casas, A.; Caselles, O.; Clapés, J.; Rivero, L. (2016)

Non-destructive geophysical characterization of cultural heritage buildings: applications at Spanish cathedrals.

First Break
34 , 8, pp. 93 - 101
Casas, A.; Santolaria, P.; Rivero, L.; Casas-Sainz, A.; Himi, M.; Pinto, V.; Sandrós, A. (2016)

The gravity method: new challanges for delineation diapiric structures in north-east Spain.

First Break
34 , 8, pp. 41 - 49
Elgettafi. M.; Elmandour. A.; Himi. M.; Casas. A. (2016)

Quantification and Identification of Road Organic Matter in an Absorbing Storm Basin, RN 20 Olivet-Orléans, France.

Journal of Materials and Environmental Science
7 , 1, pp. 222 - 230
Chouikri, I.; El Mandour, A.; Jaffal, M.; Baudron, P.; García-Aróstegui, J.L.; Manar, A.; Casas, A. (2016)

Gravimetry contributions to the study of the complex western Haouz aquifer (Morocco): structural and hydrogeological implications

Journal of African Earth Sciences
115, pp. 234 - 245
Oms, O.; Bolós, X.; Barde, S.; Martí, J.; Casas, A.; Lovera, R.; Himi, M.; Gómez-Soler, B.; Campeny, G.; Pedrazzi, D.; Agustí, J. (2015)

Structure of the Pliocene Camp dels Ninots maar-diatreme (Catalan Volcanic Zone, NE Spain)

Bulletin of Volcanology
77 , 11, pp. 1 - 13
Júnior, J.A.R.; de Castro, D.L.; Casas, A.; Himi, M.; Lima-Filho, F.P. (2015)

ERT and GPR survey of collapsed paleocave systems at the western border of the Potiguar Basin in northeast Brazil

Near Surface Geophysics
13 , 4, pp. 369 - 381
Casado, I.; Himi, M.; Lovera, R.; Fernández, J.; Casas, A. (2015)

Use of electrical tomography methods to determinate the extension and main migration routes of uncontrolled landfill leachates in fractured areas

Science of the Total Environment
506-507, pp. 546 - 553
Rochdane, S.; El Mandour, A.; Jaffal, M.; Himi, M.; Casas, A.; Amrhar, M.; Karroum, M. (2014)

Géométrie de l'aquifère du Haouz oriental et Tassaout amont, Maroc occidental: approche géophysique et hydrogéologique

Hydrological Sciences Journal - Journal des Sciences Hydrologiques
6 , 1, pp. 133 - 144
Santolaria, P.; Casas-Sainz, A.; Soto, R.; Pinto, V.; Casas, A. (2014)

The Naval diapir (southern Pyrenees): Geometry of a salt wall associated with thrusting at an oblique ramp

637, pp. 30 - 44
Sendròs, A.; Diaz, Y.; Himi, M.; Tapias, J.C.; Rivero, L.; Font, X.; Casas, A (2014)

An evaluation of aquifer vulnerability in two nitrate sensitive areas of Catalonia (NE Spain) based on electrical resistivity methods

Environmental Earth Sciences
71 , 1, pp. 77 - 84
Barde-Cabusson, S.; Bolós, X.; Pedrazzi, D.; Lovera, R.; Serra, G.; Martí, J.; Casas, A. (2013)

Electrical resistivity tomography revealing the internal structure of monogenetic volcanoes

Geophysical Research Letters
40 , 1-6, pp. 2544 - 2549