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Humbert Salvado Cabre
  • Orcid 0000-0002-4678-2103
  • Category Contractat
  • Department Departament de Biologia Evolutiva, Ecologia i Ciències Ambientals
  • Faculty Facultat de Biologia

Journal publications from Humbert Salvado Cabre (102)

102 results found

de Celis, M.; Duque, J.; Marquina, D.; Salvadó, H.; Serrano, S.; Arregui, L.; Santos, A.; Belda, I. (2022)

Niche differentiation drives microbial community assembly and succession in full-scale activated sludge bioreactors

npj Biofilms and Microbiomes
8 , 23
Moyano-Salcedo Alvaro-Javier; Estévez Edurne; Salvadó Humbert; Barquín José; Cañedo-Argüelles Miguel (2022)

Human activities disrupt the temporal dynamics of salinity in Spanish rivers

pp. 1 - 16
Maceda-Veiga, A.; MacNally, R.; Rodríguez, S.; Szabo, S.; Peeters, EWTM.; Ruff, T.; Salvadó, H. (2021)

Effects of two submerged macrophyte species on microbes and metazoans in rooftop water-storage ponds with different labile carbon loadings

Water Research
211, pp. 1 - 10
Rodríguez, E..; Reina, E., Alonso, J.L.; Salvadó, H. (2020)

Seguimiento Microbiológico Industrial del sector cárnico

1, pp. 16 - 24
Bracho, C.A.; Salvadó, H.; Jorba, M. (2019)

Espacios mineros restaurados. Relación entre ambientes y aves.

Cemento hormigón
995, pp. 30 - 35
Solé-Bundó, M.; Salvadó, H.; Passos, F.; Garfí, M.; Ferrer I. (2018)

Strategies to optimize microalgae conversion to biogas: co-digestion, pretreatment and hydraulic retention time

23 , 9, p. 2096
Girones, R.;Bofill-Mas, S.; Salvadó, H.; Araujo, R. (2016)

Estudio integrado de virus, bacterias y protozoos de interés en salud pública, agua y alimentos (VirBaP)

Actualidad SEM
61, pp. 35 - 37
Arregui, L.; Calvo, P.; Guinea, A.; Martín-Cereceda,M.; Pérez-Uz, B.; Salvadó, H.; Serrano. S. (2011)

Ecologia, Aplicaciones Biotecnologicas y Sistematica de Protistas

Actualidad SEM
51, pp. 34 - 37
Abzazou, Tarik; Salvadó, Humbert; Cardenas Youngs, Yexenia; Becerril Rodríguez, Alberto; Ciriero Cebirán, Eva Mª; Huguet, Anna; Araujo, Rosa Mª (2018)

Characterization of nutrient-removing microbial communities in two full-scale WWTP systems using a new qPCR approach

Science of the Total Environment
618, pp. 858 - 865
Anfruns-Estrada, E.; Bruguera-Casamada, C.; Salvadó, H.; Brillas, E.; Sirés, I.; Araujo, R.M. (2017)

Inactivation of microbiota from urban wastewater by single and sequential electrocoagulation and electro-Fenton treatments

Water Research
126, pp. 450 - 459
Canals, O.; Massana, R.;Riera, J.L.; Balagué, V.; Salvadó, H. (2018)

Microeukaryote community in a partial nitritation reactor prior to anammox and insight into the potential of ciliates as performance bioindicators

New Biotechnology
43, pp. 3 - 12
Gutiérrez, R.; Ferrer, I.; González-Molina, A.; Salvado, H.; García, J.; Uggetti, E. (2016)

Microalgae recycling improves biomass recovery from wastewater treatment high rate algal ponds

Water Research
106, pp. 539 - 549
Salvadó, H. (2016)

Improvement of the intersection method for the quantification of filamentous organisms: basis and practice for bulking and foaming bioindication purposes

Water Science and Technology
74 , 6, pp. 1274 - 1282
Comas, M.; Reguera, S.; Zamora-Camacho, F. J.; Salvadó, H.; Moreno-Rueda, G. (2016)

Comparison of the effectiveness of phalanges vs. humeri and femurs to estimate lizard age with skeletochronology

Animal Biodiversity and Conservation
39 , 2, pp. 237 - 240
Gutiérrez, R.; Ferrer, I.; Uggetti, E.; Arnabat, C.; Salvadó, H.; García, J. (2016)

Settling velocity distribution of microalgal biomass from urban wastewater high rate algal ponds

Algal Research
16, pp. 409 - 417
Canals, O.; Salvadó, H. (2016)

Description of Epistylis camprubii n. sp., a species highly tolerant to ammonium and nitrite

Acta Protozoologica
55 , 1, pp. 7 - 18
Abzazou, T.; Araujo, R.M.; Auset, M.; Salvadó, H. (2016)

Tracking and quantification of nitrifying bacteria in biofilm and mixed liquor of a partial nitrification MBBR pilot plant using fluorescence in situ hybridization

Science of the Total Environment
541, pp. 1115 - 1123
Maceda-Veiga, A.; Webster, G.; Canals, O.; Salvad o, H.; Weightman, A.; Cable, J. (2015)

Chronic effects of temperature and nitrate pollution on Daphnia magna: Is this cladoceran suitable for widespread use as a tertiary treatment?

Water Research
83, pp. 141 - 152
Abzazou, T.; Salvadó, H.; Bruguera-Casamada, C.; Simón, P.; Lardín, C.;Araujo, R. (2015)

Assessment of total bacterial cells in extended aeration activated sludge plants using flow cytometry as a microbial monitoring tool

Environmental Science and Pollution Research
22 , 15, pp. 11446 - 11455
Canals, O.; Serrano-Suárez,A; Salvadó, H.; Méndez, J.;Cervero-Aragó, S.; Ruiz de Porras, V.; Dellundé, J.; Araujo, R. (2014)

Effect of chlorine and temperature on free-living protozoa in operational man-made water systems (cooling towers and hot sanitary water systems) in Catalonia

Environmental Science and Pollution Research
22 , 9, pp. 6610 - 6618