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Salvador Nogues Mestres
  • Orcid 0000-0002-1694-0924
  • Category Catedràtic d'Universitat
  • Department Departament de Biologia Evolutiva, Ecologia i Ciències Ambientals
  • Faculty Facultat de Biologia

Journal publications from Salvador Nogues Mestres (114)

114 results found

Cabrera-Bosquet, L.L.; Molero, G.; Bort, J.; Nogués S.; Araus, J.L. (2011)

NDVI as a potential tool for predicting biomass, nitrogen content and growth in potted wheat Genotypes

Cereal Research Communications
39, pp. 147 - 159
Cabrera-Bosquet, L.L.; Molero, G.; Bort, J.; Nogués, S.; Araus, J.L (2007)

The combined effect of constant water deficit and nitrogen supply on WUE, NUE and 13C in durum wheat potted plants

Annals of Applied Biology
151 , 3, pp. 277 - 289
Zhou, Y.H.; Huang. L.F.; Yu, J.Q.; Nogés, S. (2007)

Chill-Induced decrease in capacity of rubp Carboxylation and Associated H2O2 Accumulation in cucumber leaves are alleviated by grafting onto Figleaf gourd

Annals of Botany
100, pp. 839 - 848
Nogués, S.; Tcherkez G.; Streb, P.; Pardo, A.; Baptist, F.; Bligny, R.; Ghashghaie, J.; Cornic, G. (2006)

Respiratory carbon metabolism in the high mountain plant species Ranunculus glaciales

Journal of Experimental Botany
57, pp. 3837 - 3845
Nogués, S.; Damesin, C.; Tcherkez, G.; Maunnoury, F.; Cornic, G.; Ghashgaie J. (2006)

13C/12C Isotope Labelling to study leaf carbon respiration and alocattion in twings of field-grow beech trees

Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry
Zhou, Y.H.; Yu, J.Q.; Mao, W.H.; Huang, L.F.; Song X.S.; Noguès, S. (2006)

Genotopic variation on rubisco rexpression, photosynthetic electron flow and antioxidant metabolism in the chloroplast of chilled-exposed cucumber plants

Plant and Cell Physiology
47, pp. 192 - 199
Tambussi, E.A.; Nogués, S.; Ferrio, J.P.; Voltas, J.; Araus, J.L. (2005)

Does higher yield potential improve barley performance in Mediterranean conditions? A case study

Field Crops Research
91, pp. 149 - 160
Tambussi E.A., Nogués S., Ferrio J.P., Voltas J., Araus J.L. (2005)

Growth and photosynthesis during early plant cycle of two barley genotypes which differ in yield potential and adaptation to Mediterranean conditions

Field Crops Research
Lopes, M., Nogues, S., Araus, J.L. (2004)

Nitrogen source and water regime effects on barley photosynthesis and isotope discrimination

Functional Plant Biology
31, pp. 995 - 1003
Badeck, F.W.; Tcherkez, G.; Nogués, S.; Piel, C.; Ghashgaie J. (2005)

An ubiquitous post-photosynthetic fractionation of carbon stable isotopes in plants

Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry
Tambussi, E.A.; Nogués, S.; Araus J.L. (2005)

Ear of durum wheat under water stress: water relations and photosynthetic metabolism

221, pp. 446 - 458
Tambussi, E.A.; Nogués, S.; Araus, J.L. (2005)

Does a higher potential improve barley performance under meiterranean conditions?: a case study

Field Crops Research
91, pp. 149 - 160
Zhou, Y.H.; Yu, J.Q.; Huang, L.F.; Nogués, S. (2004)

The relationship between CO2 assimilation photosynthetic electron transport and water-water cycle in chill-exposed cucumber leaves under low light and subsequent recovery

Plant Cell and Environment
27, pp. 1503 - 1514
Nogués, S.; Tcherkez, G.; Cornic, G.; Ghashgaie, J. (2004)

Resìratory carbon metabolism following illumination in intact french bean leaves using 13C/12C isotope labelling

Plant Physiology
136, pp. 3245 - 3254
Yu, J.Q.; Huang, L.F.; Hu, W.H.; Zhou, Y.H.; Mao, W. H.; Ye, S.F.; Nogués, S. (2004)

A role for brassinosteroids in the regulation of photosynthesis in cucumis sativus

Journal of Experimental Botany
55, pp. 1135 - 1143
Ghashgaie, J.; Badeck, F.W.; Nogués, S.; Tcherkez, G.; Lanigan, G.; Griffiths, H. (2003)

Carbon isotope fractionation during (photo)respiration and dark respiration in C3 plants

2, pp. 145 - 161
Tcherkez, G.; Nogués, S.; Bleton, J.; Cornic, G.; Badeck, F.W.; Ghashgaie, J. (2003)

Metabolic origin of carbon isotope composition of leaf dark-respired CO2 in phaseolus vulgaris

New Phytologist
131, pp. 237 - 244
Nogués, S.; Alegre, L. (2002)

A change in the water regime has no impact on the photosynthetic capacity of field-grown mediterranean plants

Functional Plant Biology
29, pp. 621 - 630
Nogués, S.; Baker, N. R. (1999)

Effects of drought on photosynthesis in mediterranean plants grown under enhanced UV-B irradiation

Journal of Experimental Botany
51 , 3, pp. 1309 - 1317
Nogués, S.; Alegre, L. (2002)

An increase in water deficit has no impact on the photosynthetic capacity of field-grown Mediterranean plants

Functional Plant Biology
29, pp. 621 - 630