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Salvador Nogues Mestres
  • Orcid 0000-0002-1694-0924
  • Category Catedràtic d'Universitat
  • Department Departament de Biologia Evolutiva, Ecologia i Ciències Ambientals
  • Faculty Facultat de Biologia

Journal publications from Salvador Nogues Mestres (113)

113 results found

Caterina Marè, Elisa Zampieri, Viviana Cavallaro, Julien Frouin, Cécile Grenier, Brigitte Courtois, Laurent Brottier, Gianni Tacconi, Franca Finocchiaro, Xavier Serrat, Salvador Nogués, Blanca San Segundo, Noemi Negrini, Michele Pesenti, Gian Attilio Sacc (2022)

Marker-assisted introgression of the salinity tolerance locus Saltol in temperate japonica rice

15, pp. 000 - 000
Gladys Lino, Paula Espigul, Salvador Nogués, Xavier Serrat (2022)

Growth potential of Arundo donax for biomass production under different types of abiotic stress

BioEnergy Research
14, pp. 000 - 000
Xavier Serrat; Antony Quello; Gladys Lino; Alfred Palma-Guillén; Salvador Nogués (2022)

Physiological, anatomical and biochemical salt-stress response comparison of two quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) varieties

Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science
174, pp. 000 - 000
Alfred Palma-Guillén; Maria del Mar Català-Forner; Salvador Nogués; Xavier Serrat (2022)

Biofungicide products for Pyricularia oryzae control in Ebro Delta organic rice production

Weed Research
62, pp. 000 - 000
Alfred Palma-Guillén; Ariadna Nadal; Salvador Nogués; Xavier Serrat (2022)

Integrated weed management for sustainable rice production in Ebro Delta

Weed Research
62, pp. 000 - 000
Hooghvorst, Isidre; Nogues, Salvador (2020)

Chromosome doubling methods in doubled haploid and haploid inducer-mediated genome-editing systems in major crops

Plant Cell Reports
40 , 2, pp. 255 - 270
Mireia Bundó; Héctor Martín; Michele Pesenti; Jorge Gómez-Ariza; Laia Castillo; Julien Frouin; Xavier Serrat; Salvador Nogués; Brigitte Courtois; Cecile Grenier; Gian Attilio Sacchi; Blanca San Segundo (2022)

Integrative approach for precise genotyping and transcriptomics of a salt tolerant introgression line in rice

Frontiers in Plant Science
12, pp. 000 - 000
Sánchez, E.; Lino, G.; Serrat, X.; Nogués, S. (2021)

Characterization of different Arundo donax L. Clones from the Mediterranean region

11 , 7, pp. 1 - 6
Irene Ferreres; Lluïsa Moysset; Salvador Nogués; Xavier Serrat (2022)

Dissecting the rice pearl in temperate Mediterranean japonica varieties

12, pp. 000 - 000
Hooghvorst, I.; Pol Ribas; Nogués, S. (2020)

Chromosome doubling of androgenic haploid plantlets of rice (Oryza sativa) using antimitotic compounds

Plant Breeding
139, pp. 000 - 000
Hooghvorst, I.; Nogués, S. (2020)

Opportunities and Challenges in Doubled Haploids and Haploid Inducer-Mediated Genome-Editing Systems in Cucurbits

10 , 9, p. 1441
Isidre Hooghvorst; Oscar Torrico; Serge Hooghvorst; Salvador Nogués (2020)

In situ parthenogenetic doubled haploid production in melon 'Piel de Sapo' for breeding purposes

Frontiers in Plant Science
11, p. 378
Hooghvorst, I.; Nogués, S. (2021)

Chromosome Doubling Methods in Double Haploid and Haploid Inducer-Mediated Genome-Editing System in Major Crops

Plant Cell Reports
40, pp. 255 - 270
Sánchez, E.; Rivera-Vargas, P.; Serrat, X.; Nogués, S. (2021)

Arundo Donax L.: How High Photosynthetic Capacity is Maintained under Water Scarcity Conditions

11 , 6
Hooghvorst, I.; López-Cristoffanini, I.; Nogués, S. (2019)

Efficient knockout of Phytoene desaturase gene using CRISPR/Cas9 in melon

Scientific Reports
9 , 17077
Palacio, S.; Paterson, E.; Hester, A.; Nogués, S.; Lino, G.; Anadón-Rosell, A.; Maestro, M.; Millard P. (2019)

No preferential C-allocation to storage over growth in clipped birch and oak saplings

Tree Physiology
López-Cristoffanini, C.; Bundó, M.; Serrat, X.; San Segundo, B.; López-Carbonell, M.; Nogués, S. (2021)

A comprehensive study of the proteins involved in salinity stress response in roots and shoots of the FL478 genotype of rice (Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica)

The Crop Journal
8, pp. 000 - 000
Irene Ferreres; Mirari Ortega; Camilo López; Salvador Nogués; Xavier Serrat. (2019)

Colchicine and osmotic stress for improving anther culture efficiency on long grain temperate and tropical japonica rice genotypes

Plant Biotechnology
36, pp. 269 - 273
López-Cristoffanini, C.; Serrat, X.; Jáuregui, O.; Nogués, S.; López-Carbonell, M. (2019)

Phytohormone Profiling Method for Rice: Effects of GA20ox Mutation on the Gibberellin Content of Japonica Rice Varieties

Frontiers in Plant Science
10, pp. 733 - 000
Hooghvorst, I.;Serrat, X.; Nogués, S. (2019)

Nuclei release methods comparison for fresh leaves of rice (Oryza sativa) for efficient high throughput flow cytometry ploidy studies

Journal of Plant Sciences
8 , 2