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Silvia Bofill Mas
  • Orcid 0000-0001-8581-7180
  • Category Contractat
  • Department Departament de Genètica, Microbiologia i Estadística
  • Faculty Facultat de Biologia

Journal publications from Silvia Bofill Mas (68)

68 results found

Martínez-Puchol, S.; Cardona, L.; Drago, M.; Gazo, M.; Bofill-Mas, S. (2022)

Viral metagenomics reveals persistent as well as dietary acquired viruses in Antarctic fur seals.

Scientific Reports
12, p. 18207
Guerrero-Latorre, L.; Collado, N.; Abasolo, N.; Anzaldi, G.; Bofill-Mas, S:; Bosch, A.; Bosch, L.; Busquets, S.; Caimari, A.; Canela, N.; Carcereny, A.; Chacón-Villanueva, C.; Ciruela, P.; Corbella, I.; Domingo, X.; Escoté , X.; Espiñeira, Y.; Forés, E.; (2022)

The Catalan Surveillance Network of SARS-CoV-2 in Sewage: design,implementation, and performance

Scientific Reports
Forés, E.; Rusiñol, M.; Itarte, M.; Martínez-Puchol, S.; Calvo, M.; Bofill-Mas, S. (2022)

Evaluation of a virus concentration method based on ultrafiltration and wet foam elution for studying viruses from large-volume water samples

Science of the Total Environment
829 , 154431
Fernandez-Cassi, X.; Timoneda, N.; Martínez-Puchol, S.; Rusiñol, M.; Rodriguez-Manzano, J.; Figuerola, N.; Bofill-Mas, S.; Abril, J.F.; Girones, R. (2022)

Corrigendum to Metagenomics for the study of viruses in urban sewage as a tool for public health surveillance [Sci. Total Environ. 618 (2016) 870880 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2017.08.249](S0048969717322635)(10.1016/j.scitotenv.2017.08.249)

Science of the Total Environment
Fernandez-Cassi, X.; Timoneda, N.; Gonzales-Gustavson, E.; Abril, J.F.; Bofill-Mas, S.; Girones, R. (2022)

Corrigendum to A metagenomic assessment of viral contamination on fresh parsley plants irrigated with fecally tainted river water [Int. J. Food Microbiol. 257 (2017) 8090 10.1016/j.ijfoodmicro.2017.06.001] (nternational Journal of Food Microbiology (2017)

International Journal of Food Microbiology
Itarte M; Bofill-Mas S; Martínez-Puchol S; Torrell H; Ceretó A; Carrasco M; Forés E; Canela N; Girones R; Rusiñol M. (2021)

Looking for a needle in a haystack. SARS-CoV-2 variant characterization in sewage

Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health
24, p. 100308
Itarte, M.; Martínez-Puchol, S.; Forés, E.; Hundesa, A.; Timoneda, N.; Bofill-Mas, S.; Girones, R.; Rusiñol, M. (2021)

NGS techniques reveal a high diversity of RNA viral pathogens and papillomaviruses in fresh produce and irrigation water

10 , 8, p. 1820
Ahmed, W.; Simpson, S.L.; Bertsch, P.M.; Bibby, K.; Bivins, A.; Blackall, L.L.; Bofill-Mas, S.; Bosch, A.; Brandão, J.; Choi, P.M.; Ciesielski, M.; Donner, E.; D'Souza, N.; Farnleitner, A.H.; Gerrity, D.; Gonzalez, R.; Griffith, J.F.; Gyawali, P.; Haas, C (2022)

Minimizing errors in RT-PCR detection and quantification of SARS-CoV-2 RNA for wastewater surveillance

Science of the Total Environment
805 , 149877
Martínez-Puchol, S.; Itarte, M.; Rusiñol, M.; Forés, E.; Mejías-Molina, C.; Andrés, C.; Antón, A.; Quer, J.; Abril, J.F.; Girones, R.; Bofill-Mas, S. (2021)

Exploring the diversity of coronavirus in sewage during COVID-19 pandemic: Don't miss the forest for the trees.

Science of the Total Environment
800, p. 149562
Rusiñol M.; Zammit I.; Itarte M.; Forés E.; Martínez-Puchol S.; Girones R.; Borrego C.; Corominas Ll.; Bofill-Mas S. (2021)

Monitoring waves of the COVID-19 pandemic: Inferences from WWTPs of different sizes.

Science of the Total Environment
787, p. 147463
Forés, E.; Bofill-Mas, S.; Itarte, M.; Martínez-Puchol, S.; Hundesa, A.; Calvo, M.; Borrego, C.M.; Corominas, Ll.; Girones, R.; Rusiñol, M. (2021)

Evaluation of two rapid ultrafiltration-based methods for SARS-CoV-2 concentration from wastewater

Science of the Total Environment
Fernandez-Cassi, Xavier; Martinez-Puchol, Sandra; Silva-Sales, Marcelle; Cornejo, Thais; Bartolome, Rosa; Bofill-Mas, Silvia; Girones, Rosina (2020)

Unveiling Viruses Associated with Gastroenteritis Using a Metagenomics Approach

12 , 12
Rusinol, Marta; Hundesa, Ayalkibet; Cardenas-Youngs, Yexenia; Fernandez-Bravo, Ana; Perez-Cataluna, Alba; Moreno-Mesonero, Laura; Moreno, Yolanda; Calvo, Miquel; Luis Alonso, Jose; Jose Figueras, Maria; Araujo, Rosa; Bofill-Mas, Silvia; Girones, Rosina (2020)

Microbiological contamination of conventional and reclaimed irrigation water: Evaluation and management measures

Science of the Total Environment
710, p. 136298
Filipa-Silva, A.; Parreira, R.; Martínez-Puchol, S.; Bofill-Mas, S.; Barreto-Crespo, M.T.; Nunes, M. (2020)

The Unexplored Virome of Two Atlantic Coast Fish: Contribution of Next-Generation Sequencing to Fish Virology

9(11) , 1634
Rusiñol, M.; Martínez-Puchol, S.; Forés, E.; Itarte, M.; Girones, R.; Bofill-Mas, S. (2020)

Concentration methods for the quantification of coronavirus and other potentially pandemic enveloped virus from wastewater

Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health
17, pp. 21 - 28
Martínez-Puchol, S.; Rusiñol, M.; Fernández-Cassi, X.; Timoneda, N.; Itarte, M.; Andrés, C.; Antón, A.; Abril, J.F.; Girones, R.; Bofill-Mas, S. (2020)

Characterisation of the sewage virome: comparison of NGS tools and occurrence of significant pathogens

Science of the Total Environment
713, p. 136604
Sílvia Bofill-Mas & Marta Rusiñol (2020)

Recent trends on methods for the concentration of viruses from water samples

Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health
Rusiñol, M.; Martínez-Puchol, S.; Timoneda, N.; Fernández-Cassi, X.; Pérez-Cataluña, A.; Fernández-Bravo, A.; Moreno-Mesonero, L.; Moreno, Y.; Alonso, J.L.; Figueras, M.J.; Abril, J.F.; Bofill-Mas, S.; Girones, R. (2020)

Metagenomic analysis of viruses, bacteria and protozoa in irrigation water

International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health
224, p. 113440
Terré, Marta; Bosch, Carme; Bach, Alex; Fàbregas, Francesc; Biel, Carme; Rusiñol, Marta; Bofill, Silvia; Calderer, Montse; Jubany, Irene; Martínez-Lladó, Xavier (2019)

Exploring the use of tertiary reclaimed water in dairy cattle production

Journal Of Cleaner Production
229, pp. 964 - 973
Aguado, D.; Fores, E.; Guerrero-Latorre, L.; Rusiñol, M.; Martínez-Puchol, S.; Codony, F.; Girones, R.; Bofill-Mas, S. (2019)

VirWaTest, A Point-of-Use Method for the Detection of Viruses in Water Samples

JoVE. Journal of Visualized Experiments
147, p. e59463