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Alberto Casas Ponsati
  • Orcid 0000-0002-4964-1226
  • Categoría Contractat
  • Departamento Departament de Mineralogia, Petrologia i Geologia Aplicada
  • Facultad Facultat de Ciències de la Terra

Publicaciones en revistas de Alberto Casas Ponsati (125)

Se han encontrado 125 resultados

Rodríguez, A.I.; Ocaña, R.E.; Flores, D.; Martinez, P.; Casas, A. (2021)

Environment diagnosis for land-use planning based on a tectonic and multidimensional methodology

Science of the Total Environment
800 , 149514
Diedda, J.P.; Himi, M.; Barone, I.; Cassiani, G.; Casas, A. (2022)

Frequency-Domain Electromagnetic Mapping of an Abandoned Waste Disposal Site: A Case in Sardinia (Italy)

Remote Sensing
14 , 4, p. 878
Rochdane, S.; Elgettafi, M.; El Mandour, A.; Himi, M.; Casas, A.; Daafi, Y.; Karroum, M.; Choukri, I. (2022)

Contribution of electrical resistivity tomography in the study of aquifer geometry and groundwater salinization of Eastern Haouz and upstream Tassaout domain, Morocco

Environmental Earth Sciences
81 , 122
Elmeknassi, M.; Bouchaou, L.; El Mandour, A.; Elgettafi, M.; Himi, M.; Casas, A. (2022)

Multiple stable isotopes and geochemical approaches to elucidate groundwater salinity and contamination in the critical coastal zone: A case from the Bou-areg and Gareb aquifers (North-Eastern Morocco)

Environmental Pollution
300 , 118942
Sendrós, A.; Himi, M.; Estévez, E.; Lovera, R.; Palacios-Diaz, M.P.; Tapias, J.C.; Cabrera, M.C.; Pérez-Torrado, F.J.; Casas, A. (2021)

HydrogeophysicalAssessment of the Critical Zone below a Golf Course Irrigated with Reclaimed Water Close to Volcanic Caldera

13 , 17, p. 2400;
Casas, A.; Castanyer, P.; Himi, M.; Lovera, R.; Rivero, L.; Santos, M.; Tremoleda, J.; Sendrós, A.; García Artigas, R.; Urruela, A. (2021)

Frequency Domain Electromagnetic mapping for delineating subsurface structures related to the historical port of Emporiae

Archaeological Prospection
pp. 1 - 11
Elmeknassi, M.; El Mandour, A.; Elgettafi, M.; Himi, M.; Tijani, R.; El Khantouri, F.A.; Casas, A. (2021)

A GIS-based approach for geospatial modeling of groundwater vulnerability and pollution risk mapping in Bou-Areg and Gareb aquifers, northeastern Morocco

Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Salhi, A; Benabdelouahab, S.; Bouayad, E.; Benabdelouahab, Larifi, I.; El Mousaoui, M.; Acharrat N; Himi, M.; Casas ,A. (2020)

Impacts and social implications of landuse-environment conflicts in a typical Mediterranean watershed

Science of the Total Environment
764, p. 142853
Sendrós, A.; Urruela, A.; Himi, M.; Alonso, C.; Lovera, R.; Tapias, J.C.; Rivero, L.; Garcia-Artigas, R.; Casas, A. (2021)

Characterization of a Shallow Coastal Aquifer in the Framework of a Subsurface Storage and Soil Aquifer Treatment Project using Electrical Resistivity Tomography (Port de la Selva, Spain)

Applied Sciences
11 , 6
Kamal, S.; Sefiani, S.; Laftouhi, N.; El Mandour, A.; Moustadraf, J.; Elgettafi, m.; Himi, M.; Casas, A. (2021)

Hydrochemical and isotopic assessment for characterizing groundwater quality and recharge processes under a semi arid area: Case of the Haouz plain aquifer (Central Morocco)

Journal of African Earth Sciences
104077 , 174
Urruela, A.; Rivero, L.; Casas, A.; Garcia?Artigas, R.; Sendrós, A.; Lovera, R.; Himi, M. (2021)

Improving the resolution of investigation using ERT instruments with a reduced number of electrodes

Journal of Applied Geophysics
Salhi, Adil; Alilou, Mohamed Rida; Benabdelouahab, Sara; Vila-Subiros, Josep; Sala, Pere; Benabdelouahab, Tarik; Himi, Mahjoub; Casas Ponsati, Albert (2020)

Assessment of Geosites in Northern Morocco: Diversity and Richness with Potential for Socioeconomic Development

12 , 4
Sendrós, A.; Himi, M.; Lovera, R.; Rivero, L.; Garcia?Artigas, R.; Urruela, A.; Casas, A. (2020)

Geophysical Characterization of Hydraulic Properties around a Managed Aquifer Recharge System over the Llobregat River Alluvial Aquifer (Barcelona Metropolitan Area)

12 , 12, p. 3455
Sendrós, A.; Himi, M.; Lovera, R.; Rivero, L.; Garcia?Artigas, R.; Urruela, A.; Casas, A. (2020)

ERT monitoring of two Managed Aquifer Recharge ponds in the alluvial aquifer of the Llobregat River (Barcelona, Spain)

Near Surface Geophysics
Garcia-Artigas, R.; Himi, M.; Revil, A.; Urruela, A.; Lovera, R.; Sendrós, A.; Casas, A.; Rivero, L. (2020)

Time-domain induced polarization as a tool to image clogging in treatment wetlands

Science of the Total Environment
724 , 138189
Carrillo, E.; Guinea, A.; Casas, A.; Rivero, L.; Cox, N.; Vázquez?Taset, Y. M. (2020)

Tectono-sedimentary evolution of transverse extensional faults in a foreland basin: Response to changes in tectonic plate processes

Basin Research
Salhi, A; Benabdelouahab, T.; Martin-Vide, J.; Okacha, A.; El Hasnaoui, M.; El Mousaoui, M.; El Morabit, K.; Himi, M.; Benabdelouahab, S.; Lebrini, Y.; Boudhar, A.; Casas ,A. (2020)

Bridging the gap of perception is the only way to align soil protection actions

Science of the Total Environment
718, p. 137421
Benabdelouahab, S.; Adil Salhi, A.; Himi, M.; Stitou El Messari, J.E.; Casas-Ponsati, A (2019)

Geoelectrical investigations for aquifer characterization and geoenvironmental assessment in northern Morocco

Environmental Earth Sciences
78, p. 209
Salhi, A.; Martin?Vide, J.; Benhamrouche, A.; Benabdelouahab, S.; Himi, M.; Benabdelouahab, T.; Casas Ponsati, A. (2019)

Rainfall distribution and trends of the daily precipitation concentration index in northern Morocco: a need for an adaptive environmental policy

Pollack Periodica
1 , 277
Himi, M.; Casado, I.; Sendros, A.; Lovera, R.; Rivero, L.; Casas, A. (2018)

Assessing preferential seepage and monitoring mortar injection through an earthen dam settled over a gypsiferous substrate using combined geophysical methods

Engineering Geology
246 , 28, pp. 212 - 221