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Humbert Salvado Cabre
  • Orcid 0000-0002-4678-2103
  • Categoría Contractat
  • Departamento Departament de Biologia Evolutiva, Ecologia i Ciències Ambientals
  • Facultad Facultat de Biologia

Publicaciones en revistas de Humbert Salvado Cabre (102)

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Gracenea, M.; Cubero, E.; Salvadó, H.; Monleón, A. (2016)

Diphasic sedimentation technique complemented by a statistical approach as a useful tool to the quantification and the determination of dynamics of eggs produced by adult monogenean parasitizing groupers, Epinephelus marginatus (Lowe, 1834), in captivity

Aquaculture Research
47 , 3, pp. 830 - 837
Maceda-Veiga, A.; Monroy, M.; Salvadó, H.; Cable, J.; De Sostoa, A. (2013)

Ectoparasites of native cyprinid Barbus haasi: first record of Trichodina acuta and Trichodina fultoni in Iberian catchments. Bulletin of the European Association of Fish Pathologists.

Bulletin of The European Association of Fish Pathologists
33 , 6, pp. 186 - 192
Cervero-Aragó, S.; Rodríguez-Martínez, S.; Canals, O.; Salvadó, H.; Araujo, R.M. (2014)

Effect of thermal treatment on free-living amoeba inactivation

Journal of Applied Microbiology
116 , 3, pp. 728 - 736
Serrano-Suárez, A.; Dellundé, J.; Salvadó, H.; Cervero-Aragó, S.; Méndez, J.; Canals, O.; Blanco, S.; Arcas, A.; Araujo, R. (2013)

Microbial and physicochemical parameters associated with Legionella contamination in hot water recirculation systems

Environmental Science and Pollution Research
20, pp. 5534 - 5544
Canals, O.; Salvado, H.; Auset, M.; Hernández, C.; Malfeito, J.J. (2013)

Microfauna communities as performance indicators for an A/O Shortcut Biological Nitrogen Removal moving-bed biofilm reactor

Water Research
47 , 9, pp. 3141 - 3150
Kocerba-Soroka, W.; Fia?kowska, E.; Pajdak-Stós, A.; Klimek, B.; Kowalska, E.; Drzewicki, A.; Salvado, H.; Fyda, J. (2013)

The use of rotifers for limiting filamentous bacteria Type 021N, a bacteria causing activated sludge bulking

Water Science and Technology
67 , 7, pp. 1557 - 1563
Pérez-Uz, B.; Arregui, L.; Calvo, P.; Salvadó, H.; Fernández, N.; Rodríguez, E.; Zornoza, A.; Serrano S. (2010)

Assessment of plausible bioindicators for plant performance in advanced wastewater treatment systems.

Water Research
44 , 17, pp. 5059 - 5069
Maceda-Veiga, A.; Salvadó, H.; Vinyoles, D.; De Sostoa, A. (2009)

Outbreaks of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis in Redtail Barbs Barbus haasi in a Mediterranean Stream during Drought.

Journal of Aquatic Animal Health
21 , 3, pp. 189 - 194
Puigagut, J.; García, J.; Salvadó, H. (2009)

Microfauna Community as an Indicator of Effluent Quality and Operational Parameters in an Activated Sludge System for Treating Piggery Wastewater

Water, Air, & Soil Pollution
203 , 1-4, pp. 207 - 216
Vasco, J.; Mas, M.; Salvadó, H. (2009)

Caracterización de los microorganismos de depuradoras biológicas urbanas de fangos activados con tratamiento convencional y eliminación de nutrientes

Tecnología del Agua
305, pp. 68 - 78
Puigagut, J., Salvadó, H., Tarrats, X., García, J. (2008)

Efecto de rotíferos lecánidos en el tamaño de los flóculos de un sistema de fangos activos

Tecnología del Agua
294, pp. 64 - 68
Puigagut, J.; Salvadó, H.; García J. (2007)

Effect of soluble and particulate organic compounds on microfauna community in subsurface flow constructed wetlands

Ecological Engineering
29 , 3, pp. 280 - 286
Puigagut, J.; Salvadó, H.; Tarrats, X; García J. (2007)

Effects of particulate and soluble substrates on microfauna populations and treatment efficiency in activated sludge systems

Water Research
41 , 14, pp. 3168 - 3176
Puigagut, J.; Salvadó, H.; García, D.; Granes, F; García J. (2007)

Comparison of microfauna communities in full scale subsurface flow constructed wedlands used as secondary and tertiary treatment

Water Research
41 , 8, pp. 1645 - 1652
Domènech, R.; Gaudes, A.; López-Doval, J. C.; Salvadó, H.; Muñoz, I. (2006)

Effects of short-term nutrient addition on microfauna density in a Mediterranean stream

568, pp. 207 - 215
Puigagut, J.; Salvadó, H.; Garcia J. (2005)

Short-term harmful effects of ammonia nitrogen on activated sludge microfauna

Water Research
39, pp. 4397 - 4404
Puigagut, J.; Salvadó, H.; Mas, M.; Gracia, M.P. (2004)

Ammonia effect on microfauna waster-water treatment plants

Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology
51, p. 27A
Salvadó, H.; Mas, M.; Puigagut, J.; Gracia, M.P. (2004)

Protozoa growth kynetics in an activated sludge systems

Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology
51, pp. 27A - 28A
Curds, C.; Roberts, D.McL.; Salvadó, H.; Warren. (2003)

Ciliates in Aerobic Wastewater-Treatment Processes: The Development of an Interactive Guide to Their Indentification and Use as Bioindicators

Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology
50, p. 28A
Maillo, P.A.; Vich, M.A.; Salvadó, H.; Marques, A.; Gracia, M.P. (2005)

Parasites of Anguilla anguilla, L. 1758 from three coastal lagoons of the river Ebro delta (Western mediterranean).

Acta Parasitologica
50 , 2, pp. 156 - 160