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Jorge Labanda Angulo
  • Orcid 0000-0001-6187-7867
  • Categoría Titular d'Universitat
  • Departamento Departament d'Enginyeria Química i Química Analítica
  • Facultad Facultat de Química

Publicaciones en revistas de Jorge Labanda Angulo (32)

Se han encontrado 32 resultados

Ruiz-Hernando, M; Vinardell, S; Labanda, J; Llorens, J. (2022)

Effect of ultrasonication on waste activated sludge rheological properties and process economics

Water Research
208, p. 117855
Balanyà, T; Labanda, J; Llorens, J; Sabaté, J (2019)

Influence of chemical speciation on the separation of metal ions from chelating agents by nanofiltration membranes

Separation Science and Technology
54 , 1, pp. 143 - 152
Ruiz-Hernandes, M.; Cabanillas, E.; Labanda, J.; Llorens, J. (2015)

Ultrasound, thermal and alkali treatments affect extracellular polymeric substances (EPSs) and improve waste activated sludge dewatering

Process Biochemistry
50 , 3, pp. 438 - 446
Ruiz-Hernando, M.; Labanda, J.; Llorens, J. (2015)

Structural model to study the influence of thermal treatment on the thixotropic behaviour of waste activated sludge

Chemical Engineering Journal
262, pp. 242 - 249
Civit, M.; Fragua, X.; Guastalli, A.R.; Labanda, J.; Llorens, J. (2012)

Effect of pH and salt concentration on the nanofiltration of glycine and triglyclne

Procedia Engineering
44, pp. 585 - 587
Ruiz-Hernando, M.; Simón, F.X.; Labanda, J.; Llorens, J. (2014)

Effect of ultrasound, thermal and alkali treatments on the rheological profile and water distribution of waste activated sludge

Chemical Engineering Journal
255 , 1, pp. 14 - 22
Ruiz-Hernando, M.; Martín-Díaz, J.; Labanda, J.; Mata-Alvarez, J.; Llorens, J.; Lucena, F.; Astals, S. (2014)

Effect of ultrasound, low-temperature thermal and alkali pre-treatments on waste activated sludge rheology, hygienization and methane potential

Water Research
61, pp. 119 - 129
Ruiz-Hernando, M.; Martinez-Elorza, G.; Labanda, J.; Llorens, J. (2013)

Dewaterability of sewage sludge by ultrasonic, thermal and chemical treatments

Chemical Engineering Journal
230, pp. 102 - 110
Civit, M.; Labanda, J.; Rudé, E.; Guastalli, A.R.; Llorens, J. (2012)

Nanofiltration of fatty acids and triglycerides

Procedia Engineering
44, pp. 1234 - 1236
Labanda, J.; Sabaté, J.; Llorens, J. (2013)

Permeation of organic solutes in water-ethanol mixtures with nanofiltration membranes

315, pp. 83 - 90
Guastalli, A.R.; Labanda, J.; Llorens, J. (2009)

Separation of phosphoric acid from an industrial rinsing water by means of nanofiltration

243 , 1-3, pp. 218 - 228
Labanda, J.; Sabaté, J.; Llorens, J. (2011)

Experimental and modeling study of the adsorption of single and binary dye solutions with an ion-exchange membrane adsorber

Chemical Engineering Journal
166, pp. 536 - 543
Labanda, J.; Khaidar, M.S. ; Sabaté, J.; Llorens, J. (2011)

Study of Cr(III) desorption process from a water-soluble polymer by ultrafiltration

281, pp. 165 - 171
Ruiz, M.; Labanda, J.; Llorens, J. (2010)

Effect of ultrasonic waves on the rheological features of secondary sludge

Biochemical Engineering Journal
52 , 2-3, pp. 131 - 136
Massa, A.; González, C.; Maestro, A.; Labanda, J.; Ibarz, A. (2010)

Rheological characterization of peach purees

Journal of Texture Studies
41 , 4, pp. 532 - 548
Sabaté, J.; Labanda, J.; Llorens, J. (2009)

Influence of coion and counterion size on multi-ionic solution nanofiltration

Journal of Membrane Science
345, pp. 298 - 304
Balanyà, T.; Labanda, J.; Llorens, J.; Sabaté, J. (2009)

Separation of metal ions and chelating agents by nanofiltration

Journal of Membrane Science
345, pp. 31 - 35
Labanda, J.; Vichi, S.; Llorens, J.; López-Tamames, E. (2009)

Membrane separation technology for the reduction of alcoholic degree of a white model wine

LWT Food Science and Technology
42 , 8, pp. 1390 - 1395
Labanda, J.; Sabaté, J; Llorens, J. (2009)

Modeling of the dynamic adsorption of an anionic dye through ion-exchange membrane adsorber

Journal of Membrane Science
340, pp. 234 - 240
Labanda, J.; Said Khaidar, M.; Llorens, J. (2009)

Feasibility study on the recovery of chromium (III) by polymer enhanced ultrafiltration.

249, pp. 577 - 581