Such it has been commented in the other news of the month of August, at the moment the population of Bonelli’s eagles of the region of Priorat is not in its better state of conservation. Even so, everything is not bad news for the eagles of this region because since some years they have a good ally.

The Centre Excursionista del Casal Capçanenc is a group specially sensitized at the time of working by the conservation of the natural surroundings of the municipality of Capçanes and other adjacent zones like, for example, the mountain range of Llaberia. From the Centre have impelled to recover ways and sources, as well as the cleaning of the underbrush to prevent forest fires and to favor the recovery of the biodiversity. In addition they have organized chats and hikes to popularize the biological, landscaping, cultural and historical values of the zone. Their members have shown special interest in the pursuit of some of the more emblematic species of the region, as it is the case of the Bonelli’s eagle or the Mediterranean turtle. In which it concerns the Bonelli’s eagle, they collaborate in the annual pursuit of the population of the region of the Priorat, as well as some other species of raptors that nest in the zone.

Also they contribute to promote activities for the conservation of the eagles, the improvement of his habitats or the populations of its preys. It is possible to emphasize like very positive the tasks of dialogue and sensibilización that carry out with the hunters.

For this reason from the Equip d'Estudi de l'Àliga Perdiguera we want to congratulate the members of the Centre Excursionista del Casal Capçanenc by their task and to encourage them in their work for the preservation of the eagles and other natural values of the region of the Priorat.