Fourth year of the agreement to mitigate the electrocution of the Bonelli's Eagle and other threatened raptors

Last June was agreed the work plan for the year 2004 of the agreement Application of antielectrocution measures for birds in electric lines in the province of Barcelona, signed by the firm FECSA-ENDESA, the Diputaciˇ de Barcelona and the Universitat de Barcelona.

This agreement has permitted to the investigators of the Equip d'Estudi de l'└liga Perdiguera to carry out models of statistical prediction to detect those pylons truly dangerous for the birds which are, consequently, the first ones to correct. This way we achieve to optimize the used resources and the efficiency of our actions. This methodology, innovative in Spain, has allowed to map and modelize until today more than 18.000 electric pylons between Llobregat river (Natural Park of Sant Llorenš del Munt) and all the Natural Park of Montseny, including de VallŔs plain and other important areas for the fauna.

During the first three years of the agreement we have developped the appropiate methodologies of prediction of the dangerous pylons, the correction technologies and, finally, their application to 120 pylons very dangerous for the birds. The subsequent valuation of these corrections has been positive because no new electrocutions have happened in these pylons.

One of the key points of the agreement has been the multidisciplinary work between the technicians and investigators of the three parts. In view of the effectiveness of the actions in 2004 the parts consider to intensify the actions of correction, specially in those areas with more sensible species like Bonelli's Eagle, to improve the models of prediction of electrocution risk of the pylons and to optimize the systems and materials of correction of the pylons. Also we want to start new studies to detect dangerous electric pylons in other natural spaces where there are important populations of threatened species.

To certify the renewal of the agreement, in 1st july 2004 was done at the Casa de la Mata of Mura (Natural Park of Sant Llorenš del Munt) an official act with the participation of Mr.Francesc Martos, diputat-president of the └rea d'Espais Naturals of the Diputaciˇ de Barcelona, Mr. ValentÝ Claret, manager of Distribution of FECSA-ENDESA and Mr. Joan Tugores, rector of the Universitat de Barcelona. The act was made pleasant with a drink of wines elaborated with grapes cultivated with environmental criteria for the firm Miguel Torres SA that supports the conservation of the Bonelli's Eagle in Catalonia. Also those present could watch "in situ" the correction done by FECSA-ENDESA os some pylons dangerous for the birds.