Monitoring of the Bonelli's Eagle with emitters GPS-Satellite

The last month of January, the Equip de Biologia de la Conservaciˇ - └liga Perdiguera of the Universitat de Barcelona, placed GPS-Satellite emitters to three adult males of Bonell'is eagle of territories located in the region of Alt PenedŔs (province of Barcelona). This system will allow to obtain several daily locations of every animal with high accuracy. 

This action is included within the project SITXELL that is carried out from the Area of Natural Spaces of the Diputaciˇ de Barcelona with the objective to obtain, to analyze and to valorize data on the open spaces (urbanization not allowed) of the province of Barcelona. In this sense, the presence and use of the territory by the Bonelli's eagle is a variable that has been considered opportune to integrate in this process of valuation of the open spaces. For this reason, between years 2002 and 2005 the conventional radio tracking is being used to get information about the use of the space and the selection of habitat of 14 adults of Bonelli's eagle of 8 different territories. When the data of the 3 units with GPS-Satellite emitters are been obtained, there will already be information about all the occupied territories of this species located completely in the province of Barcelona. This information will be very useful facing being able to preserve these nesting and hunting areas of the Bonelli's eagle.